6 Steps to an Organized and Clean Refrigerator


If the food has been in the refrigerator longer than 4 days, throw it out. Chances are that bacteria has already set in and why take a chance of it harming someone.


Moving items around, is not cleaning. Wipe off the shelves with a damp cloth as you are sorting through the items to toss out. A solution of baking soda and water works good disinfects and gives your refrigerator a fresh odor. (Do not forget the door and drawers!


Put all 'like' items together and design particular shelves that items will be stored. It will take less time to have the refrigerator door open and will save energy costs in the long run.


I always put a paper label, held on with tape on everything! Why? It will be easy to see what is in every container in the refrigerator without having to open the container. IN ADDITION, it will save on the amount of time that the door to the refrigerator is open, that, saving electricity. Wash and see how many times in one week a refrigerator door is opened and you will see what I mean.


Now the inside is clean, it is time to clean the clutter off the outside. Remove all of the little post-it notes and magnets and clean the outside of the refrigerator. Okay, if you have to, put all of your magnets back on and organize all of the notes that are necessary to keep (a calendar comes in handy for this instead of all of the notes).

All of those coupons can go into a small envelope and be taped to the inside of a cupboard door (by the way, so can the little post-its).


It is nice to see a clean and organized refrigerator, but odors such as onions, garlic and tomato products can take away the fresh odor. Add a container with Baking Soda in it to help to keep those odors from taking over.

Keep your kitchen and refrigerator, looking, smelling fresh and completely un-cluttered and it will look like you have cleaned all day.

Source of 6 Steps to an Organized and Clean Refrigerator by Jan Hayner – author of 6 Steps to an Organized and Clean Refrigerator article

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