A Homemaker's Social Life

A truthful assessment that is less, is very hard to imagine. Mothers and grandmothers are full-time homemakers. There is a tendency for others to dismiss the social obligations of these homemakers, even though they may relate to churches or other important social organizations. These social obligations, according to me, do not seem to be unnecessary. What do you think?

A homemaker's time and efforts are primarily dedicated towards ensuring safe and hygienic living environs for her family, but then again, that is not where her tasks end. You will find her chaperoning her children at school events and activities, driving them around as and when necessary, as well as doing her bit at fund-raisers and social events by baking goodies.

The pool of room mothers usually comes from stay-at-home moms. They're the ones who take care of all the little details for holiday celebrations, whether it's providing red-and-white cupcakes for Valentine's Day or red-and-green cookies for Christmas.

It is evident that being a homemaker is no less an occupation. Evidently, being a homemaker is an employment option in itself. If you work in the home, you have social obligations just as if you worked outside the home. No matter if you work at home or for a company, you will still have the same social responsibilities.

You may have thought that a full time homemaker is about the same have not having a job. Perhaps you have equated being a full time homemaker with being unemployed. It may have been an idea you had that staying at home equates to being unemployed.

It may have been an idea you had that staying at home equates to being unemployed. After this, there is no difference between the two. Attending to one's social duties and needs is a full time occupation.

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