Essential Tips for Ordering Wedding Cakes

Made from scratch with high quality, fresh ingredients and decorated by a skilled cake designer, custom wedding cakes are remembered by guests for years. Ordering a wedding cake is often the first opportunity for a bride to order a custom cake. The following tips will make the process easier.

Steps for Ordering Wedding Cakes

To avoid disappointment, start planning your event and cake design right away. Gather information about local cake designers. Browse through magazines, books, and internet sites to get ideas for cake designs and decorations. There is a lot of work to do, but these tips will help you stay on track.

Plan Well in Advance

Plan all details of the marriage well in advance. Custom shops and wedding venues often need from 6 to 12 months notice. If you are planning a wedding in the peak season, 12 months notice may be needed from the day a cake order is placed to the date of your event. Before the order is finalized there are many other decisions to be made.

Choose Cake Style to Match Wedding Plans

Wedding cake style is connected to all other elements of your special occasion. What type of wedding are you having? How many guests will be invited? Will the event be outdoors or inside? Will the clothing, decor and overall tone be contemporary, formal, informal, or traditional? Collect samples of colors, fabrics, themes, and motifs. All of this information will be helpful for discussions with the bakery.

Some brides choose wedding cake decorations that reflect a theme such as the honeymoon destination. For example, the wedding cake topper might include a palm tree or mountain reflecting some aspect of the honeymoon getaway. There could be a period theme such as Art Deco, a musical theme such as Rock and Roll, Hawaii motifs, or even a Halloween theme.

Some people strive for artistic elegance and beauty, while others choose whimsical, humorous touches. Others choose wedding cake toppers and other decorations that reflect aspects of what brings the couple together. Often both the bride and groom want to be involved in the cake decisions as well as other important aspects of the wedding plans.

How to Serve a Large Crowd within Budget

Beyond style, there are practical considerations to consider. For smaller weddings, single tier wedding cakes are sufficient. For larger weddings, having a small three-tier with one or more non-tiered cakes is a convenient alternative to having a large multi-tier cake. The stacked cake provides a centerpiece for the cutting ceremony; and the individual cakes are easy to cut and serve.

Cupcake wedding cakes are a popular inexpensive alternative for weddings, large and small. Displayed on a cupcake stand or as part of a tableau, cupcakes can be offered in multiple flavors with a variety of decorations. They offer guests a selection and fit into a self-serve format.

Wedding cake prices include more than the cake. For budgeting purposes consider the cost per serving, multiplied by the number of guests, plus additional charges for items such as a special topper, display stand rental, delivery, and set-up. Some items will be included and others charged separately. Prices per serving range from $2.00 to $15.00.

Look at Wedding Cake Pictures

Researching wedding cake ideas helps couples to come up with the best choice. Save pictures that show features that you may want to incorporate. Browse magazines and books at libraries and bookstores, and look at photo galleries on the internet. As you investigate you may be excited by the different colors, flavors, and formats that are part of the contemporary scene.

Research Local Baking Talent

Choose a baker within a reasonable distance from your wedding venue. On the big day the fresh baked creation will have to be transported and set up, so it cannot come from miles away. If you are fortunate, word of mouth leads will come from friends and family. Checking out references supplied by the baker is another way to ensure quality service.

How to Make a Final Decision

Don’t be afraid to book a few consultations with different bakers before making the final choice. Take your ideas to the consultation interview, browse catalogues, look at mock-ups and sample fresh cake. Liking a designer’s work is crucial, but it is equally important to know that your preferences and requests will be heard. With an experienced consultant, choosing a wedding cake will be exciting.

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