Giving The Gift Of Food This Christmas

One of the highlights of Christmas, is that it helps bring family and friends together. Relatives travel across the world to spend this month with the ones they love, many staying over with loved ones also. Reminiscing and eating food are two of the key elements that no family gathering would be without. So this year why not replace the standard gifts given to family and friends with festive foods that contain much more love.

Anything that is handmade, with added love will be appreciated more than anything you can simply buy. Being creative can help increase the possibilities and help bring a smile to those that you love. Even making Christmas treats for when family and friends come to visit, will create a great talking point.

So where to begin? Well starting off simple is the best way to go down this route. For example, baking your very own gingerbread biscuits can be a great place to start. The baking process is incredibly simple and involves very few ingredients. What’s more, they can be decorated and have many different icing and additional elements to help add colour and taste. Ideally, including children in the baking process can be a great way to spend time inside, during the ice cold temperatures outside.

Other home-made gifts that provide a great festive treat, are classic jams and chutney’s. Along with truffles and fudge. But these are just little treats. What about making your own Christmas cake. This food gem is eaten by almost everyone during the Christmas period, and often on Christmas day.

A Christmas cake is a type of fruitcake that contains currants, sultanas, cherries and raisins. Coated with marzipan, icing and glazing. Since this will require a Christmas theme, consider presenting it with tinsel and ornaments, or try the sugar-coated glace fruits approach.

Whatever you decide to cook or bake this year, try attempting a mixture of different items. Once you have a good assortment of different baked goods, place them within a hamper. Other food and drinks can also be added. This will create luxury Christmas hampers that can be shared amongst friends and family on Christmas day. Packaging a personalised hamper full of food related gifts, is a very thoughtful present. That is a great accompaniment to anyone’s Christmas day. With other essential additions of jams other spreads lasting for an extended period.

Another benefit from creating and giving food gifts this Christmas, is that it will help you save money. The materials and ingredients can be purchased in large quantities for a low price at almost every major supermarket. Anything left over can be used at a later date.

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