Green Home Cleaning Products

Many of the cleaning products that are commonly used in the home are unnecessarily harsh and toxic. Chlorine and petroleum-based cleansers leave harmful residues, affect the air we breathe and are dangerous, or possibly even fatal, if they are ingested by children. Eco-minded homemakers are finding that there are non-toxic and inexpensive alternatives that can be prepared at home using ingredients you probably already have on your shelves. Why spend money on noxious bleach and caustic cleaning agents when there are green solutions that are just as effective? Here are a few safe cleaning compounds you can make for just pennies that really work as well as their expensive and noxious counterparts:

Non-Bleach Scrubber – Throw away that chlorine bleach scrubber and replace it with a mixture made of baking soda with just enough liquid dish-washing detergent to make a thick paste. It’s perfect for cleaning sinks, kitchen surfaces, showers and bathtubs and it doesn’t leave a gritty residue, nor will it scratch surfaces.

Furniture Polish – Make a simple, yet effective, furniture polish by simply mixing olive oil with lemon juice or lemon oil. Use it just like you would a normal store-bought polish – apply it by using a soft, clean cloth. You’ll find that this formula works just as well as commercial furniture polish.

Window Cleaner – Mix 3 parts water with one part white vinegar and a few drops of liquid detergent in a spray bottle to make a non-streaking and highly effective window cleaner. Spray on windows or mirrors and use newspaper to get them squeaky clean.

Oven Cleaner – Throw away those harsh oven cleaners and use baking soda instead. Simply cover the bottom of your oven with a liberal amount of baking soda, moisten it thoroughly and leave it overnight. Wipe the baking soda out of the oven with a damp sponge or paper towels and all the grime will come with it, making domestic cleaning a cinch rather than an ordeal.

For those major cleaning jobs that require the help of professional cleaning services, find one that uses green products and methods. For green-minded cleaning services London offers an array of eco-minded cleaning firms in every neighborhood. Join the fight to keep the planet healthy while making your own home pollutant-free and save some money in the process!

Source of Green Home Cleaning Products by Alfred Halfnight – author of Green Home Cleaning Products article

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