Poison Ivy Rashes – How to Cure It

As far as the poison Ivy is concerned it is certainly very difficult to say that it can be disposed without any accident or not. This is certainly a dilemma. It is a very dangerous plant. It can harm you to a very huge limit. You will certainly not be able to realize that how harmful it is? However you should know that it is found only in the eastern as well as the mid western part of the America. The rashes develop in the region where you touch the plant. This will definitely turn out to be very harmful for you.

The question is how to cure these rashes. Unfortunately up till now you will not be able to cure these rashes. But you can control the ills of the rashes. The pain can be reduced to some extent. You can use the lotions like calamine for the cure and this will in turn save you from the rashes.

In order to start curing the rashes you will have to clean the exposed part with the alcohol. Then you will have to wash the skin with the water. You will have to wash everything which has come in contact with the plant. It eradicates the urushiol oil. After that you should take the bath with the hot water as well as with a good soap. You can also apply the burrows solution in the itching area. This will certainly be very good for your health. The oatmeal and the baking powder can also be used with the water and then you can apply it in the affected area.

You should keep one thing in your mind. It is that you should keep the affected area open. Let the affected area breathe the air properly. This will be good for the health. Calamines, zinc acetate as well as the alcohol are the three things which are quite good for affected area. If you have any cream containing any of the above three things then you should definitely apply it on the affected area. It will be very good for your health.

If the rashes do occur in the very large area then you should not wait even for a minute. You should definitely try to consult the doctor as soon as possible. This is absolutely required. If it happens on the faces then you are a very unlucky chap. But leave everything on the god. Everything will be all right very soon.

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