Selling Your Home Alone

Selling your house is one of the top most stressful human activities.
Delays or anything else that disturb the planning only increase your stress degree.
Every miscommunication or misunderstanding can lead to frustration.
This article provide you with tips to avoid stress and frustration when selling your house.

First you need to decide if you should sell privately or use a professional real estate agent.
In a very hot market you may be able to sell privately, but it is not an easy task.

If you decide to sell privately make sure you have the proper time to devote to it and a strategy to marketed the house effectively.
You will also need to know about all the legalities involved.

The next step is to set a reasonable asking price by comparing prices in your area.
Do not just look at what other sellers initially asked for, but what price they absolutely got.

Knowing what to say to the potential buyer can sometimes make or break the deal.
You have a strong emotional attachment to your home and this alone can make it very hard to remain objective!

When people come through your home if you hover over them and appear angry to sell, the customer may think you are desperate.
This could trigger a lower offer. A good agent knows how to talk to the client and bring them to the table with a fair offer.

Most houses are not perfect and you must admit it to yourself if this is the case.
There will not be much chance to sell your house quickly if the house is in need of repair.
Book a house inspection and act on the recommendations accordingly.
When everything is fixed, you will not have to bluff your way through with potential buyers.
The money will be well spent when you get a quick sale.

Do not neglect the garden and outbuildings if you have them. Remember that the people viewing your house could be seeing dozens of others too.
A detail like an orderly garden shed could just make the difference and you could sell your house quickly on the strength of it.

When people come around to view the house, they will want to see a clean and tidy home.
Remove any clutter and help them to imagine themselves as the new occupants.
If you have any unwanted items in the house, you may as well have a yard sale to off load them.
The trick of baking bread or making coffee to get a pleasant aroma can not hurt!
At least make sure that there are no bad odors to put people off.

If they appear to be interested, they'll most likely want to haggle. Do not be inflexible about the price if you want to sell your house quickly but do not be a push over either.

For sale by owners often over price their home. This is due to the emotional attachment to the home and not having the training to evaluate a home's worth.

There are many variables to consider when pricing a home. Your home could be worth substantially more or less than a similar home on the same street. This can affect your bottom line and lose you many dollars if you appraise your home incorrectly.
You really should pay for an appraiser to price your home properly, if you are going it alone!
Agents are trained to do proper market assessments of the neighborhood and homes that have recently sold.

In conclusion, it has to be your decision whether you sell privately or hire a professional.
Sellers certainly have successfully sold on their own and have done very well.
One question to ask is, could the sellers have done even better had they used a professional agent? We may never know!

You may consider trying to sell your own home for a month or so. If you get discouraged because no offers are coming in, you may want to hire a professional realtor.

There are lots of books out there that can help you sell privately.

Source of Selling Your Home Alone by Harold Febis – author of Selling Your Home Alone article

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