Top 10 Angry Birds Things for Christmas

So Christmas is around the corner and Rovio has successfully turned your whole family into Angry Birds fans. They’ve all got the game by now, so which Angry Birds things would we get for every member of the family?

DAD: Red Bird Ceramic Coffee Mug

Dad’s an addict but doesn’t really want anyone to know. Get him this mug he can use at work! So it’s red but in that facial expression is the aggression of a warrior. He’ll ‘blame’ it on the kids but secretly relishes having one of his favourite things with him all day!

MOM: Green Pig Plush Bag Currency Coin Change Purse

Give mom the coin purse to keep the loose change in order. Ever giving, she might not get a turn on the game while everyone is hogging it but she’ll appreciate your knowing she likes the game as much as you do!

GRANDPA: Black Bird 2100mAh High Capacity External Battery for iPhone 4/ 4S/ 3G/ 3GS/ iPod

This very practical charger will make sure Grandpa can keep playing his game on his iPhone without interruption whether he’s in the den or in his favourite armchair!

GRANDMA: Red Bird 50″ x 60″ Throw

Keep Grandma rugged up while she plays the game! She’ll know without a doubt you care for her well-being and knows her heart. The perfect gift from the Grandkids or maybe even Grandpa.

LITTLE BROTHER: Green Toucan SlingShot With Sound

So little brother’s been a bit of a couch potato lately? Get him one of these slingshots and you might just be able to entice him to leave the house. Good to look at and fun to play with, at 5.79 USD it might even be worth getting one for his best mate!

BIG SISTER: Pink Eco-Friendly Double-Wall Porcelain Copco Style Coffee Mug

I love this! Featuring the pig, it’s so inconspicuous – perfect if she loves coffee too.

LITTLE SISTER: Red Angry Bird Backpack Children Bag

Is your little sister going to kinder next year? Get her this backpack and she’ll be the envy of every kid!

UNCLE SCROOGE: Green Pigs Coin Boxes

Got an uncle that likes to put his money away? With these Angry Bird Piggy Banks, he’s gonna be able to have one for investment, one for savings, one for… well, with him, it might just have to be three for those two categories!

AUNT: Cake or Cupcake Toppers Decorations / Party Favors

Got a creative auntie who loves baking a cake or two? These decorations will help her recreate her favourite Angry Bird scene!

FOR THE REST OF THE CLAN: Angry Birds Key chains

At less than a dollar each, these key chains are great value and make a great stocking stuffer! I’d be happy if I got one – although I’d be hard pressed to choose one!

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