Top Tips For a Successful Christmas Cookie Exchange

There is no place in the home that is more welcoming than the kitchen – especially at Christmas time. So it is no wonder that seasonal food changes have become as much a part of the holidays as gifts, carols and decorations.

Hosting a cookie, appetizer or dessert exchange is a great idea for a number of reasons. It can help you get to know new neighbors or friends. It helps keep your counter full of delicious goodies through the holidays and you can experience foods from other cultures without baking them yourself.

But in order for your Christmas food exchange to come off without a hitch, there are a few important things you need to remember.

What Do You Want to Exchange

An exchange will go more smoothly if everyone is told ahead of time what they are to bring. You can simply say "cookies" or be more specific and say you are only exchanging "shortbread" cookies if you would prefer. Be sure to say how many different varieties each guests is to bring as well as how many individual portions of each variety. That way each guests will leave with the same amount of trips.

How Many Participants

Cookie exchanges usually work best with no less than six participants and no more than twelve. This makes for a large enough exchange to make it fun but not overwhelming

Use Freezer Friendly Recipes

Because some people can not afford eat all of the trips within a few days, be sure to include a tip with your invitations that freezer friendly goodies are best. This is especially true if you are exchanging food items like appetizers.

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