What You Need to Know Before Buying a Baby Monitor

A Baby Monitor is a very essential device for new parents especially in this age where most parents have a hectic schedule. Gone are the days when you could spend all the time with your baby as there are so many things that need to be done within a limited time frame.

Baby video monitors come in different shapes, sizes, brands and even technologies. Narrowing down on one may be a bit difficult especially for first time moms. Generally, you will find audio monitors and video monitors although there are other emerging technologies such as Smartphone applications. Below you will find some of the common differences between audio and video monitors as they are the most common.

To begin with, the most basic Baby video Monitor has two units similar to a microphone and a speaker. The recorder / microphone is placed near the baby while the receiver / speaker is left in the room where the mom is working. In this way, the mom can easily note when the bay is not fine which at most times is indicated by the baby's cry. Today, technology has enabled moms to monitor their babies with better devices which have other important features. Most audio monitors are wireless and may include other features such as Bluetooth, nightlight, voice activation mode among others.

There are other baby video monitors that have small screens that show videos. These baby monitors are similar to the audio monitors but have extra features such as visuals, motion sensors, and talkback systems where you can 'converse' with your baby among others. At most, the features of the monitors vary from one manufacturer to another. Another thing that may restrict the features of a certain Monitor is the cost. It's obvious that a monitor with better features calls for a higher price.Nevertheless, if you are not working on a tight budget, you can allow your baby to enjoy the luxury.

Typically, for new parents, the above mentioned baby's monitors are the most suitable and it all depends on personal preference. You need to have a budget in place before settling for one. In general, basic audio baby's monitors are cheaper than baby video monitors and practical for new parents who live in a small house. Except the additional features of the baby monitors, the distance which the wireless device is able to cover also determines the price of the monitor. You should also put into consideration the effects of the added features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to your baby before purchasing baby monitors.

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