Buying Outdoor Grill Covers

There are BBQ grill covers made for any type of grill you may have. They are available in various sizes and materials. You will need to know what brand of grill you own, as well as the height, width, and depth of your unit so you can buy the right cover.

Once you have your dimensions, either head down to your local grill store, hardware store, or even find them on (probably the cheapest place to find them).

1. For Alfresco grills, there are covers available for standard grills, island grills, built in, and smokers and kettles. They come in many sizes and they can be purchased in classic vinyl colored black or green. The classic vinyl collection is made to be durable and weather resistant. They help stop scratches, and dings that can happen with outdoor grills. They are a good value and made with 12 gauge PVC. They are made by Covermates, and have a two- year warranty.

There are also covers that can be purchased that are made from polyester, and are designed to be attractive, strong, and durable. Unlike vinyl covers, polyester will not peel or crack. They are made to be used all year round in any kind of weather. They are available in khaki or black, and there are sizes to fit any grill.

2. Weber is another popular brand, and they have covers available that are constructed of heavy duty vinyl that are made to fit different sizes of Weber grills. They vinyl is used mainly as a protective measure against dust and dirt, and has vents to allow for air circulation.

3. Lynx also has outdoor grill covers that are made of heavy-duty vinyl and comes in sizes to fit any type of Lynx gas grill.

4. DCS makes covers with Velcro openings and heavy-duty vinyl. They can fit any size DCS grill, whether built in or freestanding. They are designed to provide grills with the best in protection from the elements.

5. American Outdoor Grill offers BBQ grill covers in vinyl as well, that are durable and made to keep dirt and dust off your grill. They are custom fit for 24″ portable grills.

6. Char Broil has outdoor grill covers that feature weather resistant vinyl, and draw strings to keep the cover on in windy conditions. They are made to fit most Char Broil grills. I own one of these grills, and was very pleased with the quality of the cover that I bought in 2011, the ventilation, and the velcro straps.

7. Kenmore has grill covers made from various materials that are used to keep the weather and dirt off your grill. Polyester is often much better than vinyl, since it doesn’t crack like vinyl will after a long time in the weather. Polyester is usually more expensive, but generally lasts longer and made of stronger materials. There are also BBQ grill covers that are made from fabric, and these are much stronger than vinyl and will never crack or peel. Many have air vents that allow for air circulation, and elastic loops that fit over the grill legs to make certain that it always stays where it is meant to, no matter what the weather.

Whatever type of outdoor grill covers you need, they can be found with a quick Internet search. They can be bought for specific grill brands or in universal sizes. They can be made from many different materials, like vinyl, polyester, or fabric. Vinyl is usually the cheapest option, and often doesn’t stand up as well to the weather as polyester or fabric will. If you live in an area of the country that receives extreme weather, it might be better to purchase BBQ grill covers in fabric or polyester, since they will last longer and give you better value for your money.

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