Dell 2130 Printer – The Easy Office Printer

The Dell 2130 color laser printer delivers good, crisp professional-looking print pages and excellent color presentation at a price designed to appeal to most cost-conscious small or home-based businesses. Combined with the Dell 2130 laser toner cartridge, it can be a good printer for those who need color documents but do not want to experience high per-page printing costs. At a price well under 400 dollars, there's not much to dislike about the unit.

Printing SPS.

The Dell 2130 color laser printer can put out black and white pages at up to 20 pages per minute. Color output is about three-quarters of that. This is more than acceptable for small networks or a single user in a home office or small business. It spools up quickly from print command to output, so there's very little time to wait for any print job to finish.

Ease of Installation.

The 2130 comes with standard 2.0 USB and 10/100 Ethernet interface ports, so it's fairly easy to integrate into an existing network or hook up to a single computer. This is in keeping with Dell's philosophy of ease of use and a worry-free experience.

Printing Capabilities.

The Dell 2130 is rated at up to 40,000 pages per month in its duty cycle. Its included 2500 page black and white cartridge is good for about 2500 pages, while the color cartridges are okay up to 1000 pages. If you're looking for a high-capacity printer that puts out color documents almost exclusively, than this may not be the unit you're looking for.

Supported Platforms.

Most PCs work well with the 2130, including those using Vista, XP and 2000, plus Windows 2008 servers.


The 2130's paper tray holds a standard 250 sheet. An optional additional tray can increase storage capacity to 500 pages, overall.

Printer Memory.

In a unit of this cost, standard memory is excellent at 256 megabytes. It can also be expanded to 1280 megs. For black and white documents, there's little chance of running out of print job memory, and once it's been scaled up to the maximum, it would be a shock to find any job it could not accommodate.

Things to Keep in Mind.

As the case with just about any unit, Dell 2130 laser toner cartridges are widely available at nice prices, which are a prime factor in keeping down per-page printing costs, especially when color laser printing is called for.

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