Gas Grilling Secrets

How to set up your gas grill.

Once you have the perfect grill bought, now you must assemble it and set it up. “Wow, I thought I was done after I got it put together”, you are probably saying. Yes, You could be, the grill manufacturer has supplied you with a “flavorite” plate for over the burners. The premise of these is that the juices drip on the hot plates and provide smoke and flavor. This is about right except it does not give the “BBQ” flavor you want to have.

You need to get a box of ceramic briquettes a lava rock grate and a smoker box. Set the lava rock grate over the two left burners. Lay the smoker box in the far left corner then set the briquettes up side by side leaving about 1/8 inch of space between the briquettes. You can get a smoker box at any large box store in the BBQ section. It is nothing more than a cast iron box about 4X6 with a top on it. If you can’t find a smoker box, I started out with a soup can that I took the label off of.

When you get things all set up, you will notice that 2/3 of the grilling area has briquettes and the other 1/3 is open. You need this area so you can zone off your cooking area. Zoning off means you can have different heat output in different areas of the grill. This comes in handy when you cook two different types of food. Steak and shrimp, veggies and meat etc are some examples.

In the smoke box I use sheddings from my maple tree soaked in water for about half an hour before you cook. You can buy chips in various wood, apple, cherry, oak, mesquite. You can soak them or not, if you do not soak them, be ready to douse the wood coals from time to time because they will catch fire and not release smoke.

Source of Gas Grilling Secrets by Eric W Hansen – author of Gas Grilling Secrets article

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