How to Accessorize a Perfect Beer Girl Costume and Oktoberfest Costume

Transform yourself into a Bavarian vixen with a sexy Beer Girl Costume!

Oktoberfest party supplies provide adult fun all year long.

A beautiful girl in a Germanic inspired, cleavage enhancing dirndl, with a colorful, flirty apron and knee socks is a great way to start any party.

This very feminine attire was originally Austrian derived from “Dirndlgewand” defined as a maid’s dress. ‘Dirndl’, meaning maid and ‘das Gewand’ meaning the robe or garment, it was eventually abbreviated to just a “Dirndl”. After the advent of Ledhosen in the 1870s and 1880’s in Austria, upper class women wore dirndl’s while on summer holiday. Perhaps going a little low-brow was more fun for summer time adventures. Whatever the reason, the dirndl style has endured since, possibly because of it’s obvious allure and fetching style. A beer girl costume is the perfect attire for leaning over to serve beer.

Today, social class and national heritage make not a bit of difference to how dirndl’s are worn. In fact they have become a staple of Oktoberfest celebrated worldwide as the beer girl costume and much anticipated by men of all ages. Because of their popularity and obvious sexy nature, dirndls are available year round through costume supply centers and Oktoberfest party supplies stores.

There’s nothing hard about creating that sexy beer maiden look with all the accessories available through Oktoberfest party supplies outlets. Dress up any beer girl costume with a fabulous wig, or cutie Mary Janes. Perhaps a bit of black faux leather corseting, snips of black velvet or pink satin. Slip on some sheer white stockings and it’s party time! Oh, and beer steins come in handy too.

There is a style of the beer girl costume for every woman’s figure and preference. Depending on the physical attributes you would like to emphasize, there are versions that will take you to a new level of fun. Very short and perky can be a perfect excuse to wear ruffled bijou pantaloons and over the knee white socks.

The low cut and corset lacing peasant tops lend themselves to flirty showing off in style. There are many looks offered, including; tavern beer costumes, the German beer maiden, beer garden girl costumes, fetching Fraulein attire, the Bavarian beer garden girl look and Gretchen adult costumes to choose from. With an endless array of accessories available, you can change your look for any event.

Options for dressing up your beer girl costume is almost endless when perusing Oktoberfest party supplies centers. Colorful tavern beer costumes for adults can be accessorized with black velvet chokers or leather straps. Jewelry, smooth stockings, provocative headpieces, luxurious wigs, evening inspired makeup, thigh high boots, stiletto heels and even silicone breast enhancers will spice up this adult costumer fun.

Of course, choosing your accessories with a ‘good friend’ can add even more fun to the ‘Bavarian Beauty’ adventure! You can bet the reaction you will receive will encourage you to wear a beer girl costume not only for Oktoberfest, but maybe Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Year’s, German Holidays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays…

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