How to Build a BBQ Pit

There is nothing like having outdoor activities whether with family, friends or collections. Barbecue is one of the best things.

It does not have to be summer to enjoy the sweet aroma of the baby back ribs but instead for all year round. You just need to have the right BBQ pit that fits perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

Whether a brick or metal BBQ pit, it is essential that we need to consider the following things on How to Build BBQ Pit:

Location – It should not be very too close or very far to house so that it will not be tedious to come back and forth from kitchen. However, do not keep it too close to your neighbor either. Keep a proper distance from fences, overhead trees, electrical wires or things that can catch fire. It is advisable to have a clear area around the BBQ pit. Also try to figure out which way the wind normally blows so you do not pick a spot where the chef is going to get smoke directly to his face or areas you do not want the smoke to go.

Size and Design – Size and design of the BBQ pit will definitely be based on your lifestyle. It always helps to keep in mind if it is intended to serve for barbecue parties with your friends, or to small family affairs. Decide on the size accordingly. You could also want to include one or two shelves so you can keep your grilling equipments close at hand when cooking or adding hooks to your pit to hang utensils while cooking. Draw a plan with clear and proper measurements and marked where the hooks have to be inserted. This is a way to prevent any confusion during construction of the BBQ pit.

Steps in Building BBQ Pit

1. For brick grills, bricks need to be soaked in water the previous night so that it will be wet enough. If they are dry, they will soak in mortar.

2. At the yard, using a shovel, dig a 3 feet by 5 feet trench in 8 to 10 inches deep. Then level the trench using a hand tamp.

3. On top of the trench, pour gravel about 2 to 3 inches high.

4. Create the mixture of dry mortar and water then spread 2 inch thick circular layer around the edge of the gravel.

5. Mortar tends to dry-off rather quickly so while wet, smooth the surface with a trowel. Start laying the cinder blocks along the edges of the mortar and fill gaps between the cinder blocks with wet mortar.

6. Fill the hole with dirt as the mortar dries. Spread fresh mortar on top of the cinder blocks and smooth.

7. Always remove excess mortar that has been squeezed out from the bricks as you arrange the bricks. Keep the wall of the pit even.

8. For metal pit, install the metal cylinder or can over the layer of bricks then fit the grill top onto the top of the metal furnace.

9. For a brick pit, apply more mortar and build additional brick layers until you reach the desired height then insert metal brackets into the mortar layer of the top layer of bricks. Let it dry overnight and then the metal grill will be balanced on top of the metal braces.

Happy barbecuing!

Source of How to Build a BBQ Pit by Roby V. Pagong – author of How to Build a BBQ Pit article

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