Socket SDIO Scan Card – A Revolution In The Arena Of Bar Code Scanning

Shopping, nowdays, has gone hi-tech with bar codes replacing the conventional paper price tags attached to various commodities in the market. Data collection applications are used to process the sales data captured through bar code scanning.

Scan cards are gaining popularity as a means for reading bar code labels. Socket offers various types of plug-in SDIO scan cards that can be used to scan bar codes and transfer the data into pocket PC, Pocket PC phone edition, a Smartphone and a Palm PDA having an SDIO slot.

Socket SDIO scan card helps to enhance the efficiency of data collection applications. You need to insert the Secure Digital Scan card (SDSC) into the SDIO slot of your mobile computer, scan various types of bar codes and store the data in your mobile for future processing.

Socket SDIO scan card is probably the smallest plug-in scanner with a powerful class 2 laser that is capable of scanning through reflective surfaces, such as glass and Mylar.
SDSC 3P scan card scans almost all the popular linear bar code symbologies. You can use it to scan even the damaged and hard-to-read bar code labels.

SDIO scan cards use the best-of-class technology for scanning bar codes in a broad range of environmental conditions, such as bright sunlight.
The 3P scan card from Socket can function in the standard SD slot of a wide variety of PDAs. This enables you to use the same scanner when you switch or upgrade PDAs.
Socket SDIO scan card helps to improve productivity as one can scan with one hand using the mobile computer and use the other hand for handling packages.
There is no need for extra batteries or special power adapter to use this scanner as it gets the required power from the host mobile computer.

So, just plug in this scan card into your mobile computer's SDIO slot and relax … the scan card will handle the bar code scanning and data collection.

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