Celiac Disease and Still Sick Episode 4

Celiac Disease and Still Sick Episode 4 video:

More about Celiac Disease and Still Sick Episode 4: This is the fourth video in a series. If you have Celiac Disease, chances are that you will be interacting with the medical community in some form: doctor’s office, Emergency Department, or other healthcare professional for testing or procedures. I discuss some of the experiences you may encounter, and how to be an advocate for your own care and lifestyle issues that come with having Celiac Disease.

At the time of this filming, I am not in the employment of a hospital or clinic, nor am I offering medical advice. If you need medical advice, please speak to your healthcare provider.

Shout out to @glutendude, who sparked some thoughts with a photo of a vending machine full of garbage food in a hospital. Hospital food is its own topic, and I can wax long on my experiences with both eating hospital food and having to feed it to patients in my early years as an RN. Thanks for your dialogue, GlutenDude. I hope you know you have an ally in the Celiac Disease, Autoimmune, and Food Allergy trenches.

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