Coeliac Disease, Food Allergies and Food Intolerance

Coeliac Disease, Food Allergies and Food Intolerance video:

More about Coeliac Disease, Food Allergies and Food Intolerance: Coeliac Disease and Food Intolerance seem to be receiving more exposure as times goes by and are even at times these terms are used interchangeably.
This is further fueled by media adverts claiming the ability to accurately diagnose and treat these conditions.

In this video, Dr Ellul elaborates about the differences and similarities between these conditions. He discusses the increase in awareness about these conditions or whether there is really an increasing incidence of these conditions.
The interview explores When should we be suspecting coeliac disease and if we are missing cases, why? What pathology tests are recommended and which are the most accurate tests. Also what management strategies should be adopted when encountering these conditions.

Dr. Pierre Ellul MD FRCP MSc, graduated from the University of Malta in 1999. He has then specialised in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. As a gastroenterolgist he has a special interest in luminal diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. He is actively involved in research and has various publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as at international conferences.He also hold posts and is actively involved in the training of junior doctors.

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