Dealing With Gluten Allergies

If you are suffering from gluten allergies, you will want some information about dealing with gluten allergies. First, you should know that gluten is found in oats, barley, rye and wheat. Many people have found that they are indeed allergic to the gluten in some foods rather than the food itself. If you have a gluten allergy, you may experience such symptoms as asthma, nausea and vomiting, swelling of the tongue and throat as well as stomach cramping, diarrhea, weight loss, hives and fatigue. Because it is difficult to determine the exact cause of a food allergy, skin tests are preformed to see if you are allergic to many different types of foods or ingredients in foods.

Dealing with gluten allergies means living without the foods you love or eating in moderation, this can only be recommended by a doctor. Since gluten is found in many foods, you will need to have help deciding the best course of action to eliminate symptoms and relieve that uncomfortable feeling. As you know, gluten is found in pizza dough, pastries and bread as well as other foods including ice cream and catsup. One way to deal with your allergy may be to use products with rice flour, potato flour or corn flour.

Someone having a gluten allergy will find it hard to eat at a restaurant without the chef can be asked as to the ingredients in foods you desire. If you go shopping, you will want to read labels to make sure the product does not contain gluten. In all, the best way to deal with a gluten allergy is you need to change your diet and learn how to accept different foods that contain none of the ingredients that cause an allergic reaction. Many people have expressed opinions about the breads. Breads made without gluten are poor tasting but corn bread has offered a great taste and it is something the entire family will like.

If you have other food allergies on top of a gluten allergy, you may find it a little more difficult to find foods you can eat. If you can not consume dairy products, then corn bread may not be something you could eat as it does contain skim milk. There are many concessions to be made when your have a food allergy and it just takes a little time to find the right foods that will satisfy you as well as keep you healthy.

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