Gluten Free Diet or Not

OK I keep hearing, like you do about this gluten free diet that is the greatest thing since sliced ​​bread (and yes the pun was intended). So I decided to do some research into this to find out if it is all it is cut out to be. Or is it just the latest fad diet that comes around every year or two. We all have heard of them grapefruit diet, cage diet, and so on.

The first thing that I wanted to know was what gluten is. Well I found out and I am going to share it with you now. Gluten is a protein found in most grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. What this protein does is helps dough's such as bread, cookies, and pizza crust hold its shape. Another advantage to this protein is that it gives our baked goods a chewy consistency. With more research I also found out that many companies and more gluten into their products to make it softer and chewier. Something else I did not know was that gluten is used in things such as ice cream, salad dressing and many other things that do not have to have the label "GLUTEN" on it, do to the small amounts. So this brings up the next question why gluten is so bad for us.

Now it was time to find out what this nasty gluten does to us and why it makes us fat. I am sure by now you guessed what I did next, yep more research. So after checking into this I was surprised to find out that gluten did nothing to make us fat. I did find out how ever that if you have a celiac disease that gluten is now your enemy. What celiac disease does is cause a reaction to the small intestine tear away at the inner lining causing you not to be able to absorb all the nutrients that you need. Over a long period of time this can cause abominable pain and lack of essential vitamins that the body and brain need. So for these people not only is it painful but can also cause many other health problems. Now what about all of us that do not have Celica's why is it bad for us. Some doctors say that gluten sensitivity is more common than we know, but that has not answered my question. Why does it make us fat?

Now after doing some reading and looking at reports and all the boring stuff that goes with trying to figure this whole thing out. I found out that gluten has nothing to do with weight gain or lose. So why are people losing so much weight with the "GLUTEN FREE DIET"? Well the answer is quite simple people are changing the way they are eating. In order to do a gluten free diet you can no longer eat processed food. That means that all the junk food is gone. What is happening is that people are eating the foods that they are suppose to.

Let's think about this if gluten is found in wheat products such as pasta, breads, bagels, and many others; and we know that in large amount these carbs make us gain weight. Than if you cut these things out chances are you going to lose weight. I am not saying that this diet is bad for you in anyway. Actually for a lot of people it is probably great. This means that people that go on this diet probably are eating better now, but for us that want to gain muscle it may be the right diet for us. Let's face it we need carbs to build muscle and most of carbs we take into our bodies have gluten in it. Now if we are trying to cut weight this might be the diet for us similar to a ketos diet. Also if you have been having abdominal pain you might get checked for celiac disease.

In conclusion gluten does not make us fat, eating junk makes us fat. For the most part if we watch what we eat and make good decisions in food choices, than we have no reason to be scared of gluten unless you have celiac disease.

Source of Gluten Free Diet or Not by Lantz A Anderson – author of Gluten Free Diet or Not article

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