How to Shop Gluten Free | EAT IT GOES TO THE WORLD’S LARGEST SHOPRITE – Season 1

How to Shop Gluten Free | EAT IT GOES TO THE WORLD’S LARGEST SHOPRITE – Season 1 video:

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Owning 2 restaurants and being diagnosed with celiac disease changed our perspective on eating a gluten free lifestyle. Together, we are on mission to educate and find the best gluten free eats across the country. Are you ready to EAT IT?!

In todays episode, Diane and Mr. TEPSBEST head to The World’s Largest ShopRite: Kinsley ShopRite in Brodheadsville, PA to share some gluten free shopping tips and tricks!


Our first stop (and Mr. TEPSBEST’s favorite!) is the gluten free aisle. We’re going to need bread to make sandwiches, so we pick up our go-to gluten free bread, Udi’s Multigrain.

The gluten free aisle is always adding something new to their selection. Today, we picked up pigs in a blanket! Anybody can eat healthy gluten free, but junk food like pigs in a blanket are something we really want to eat!

Life is not over just because you have celiac disease. YES, you heard that right. If you want to have pancakes, fried chicken or even bake some homemade goodies, the gluten free aisle has you covered for gluten free flour, bread crumbs and even pancake batters.

If you’re getting really sick off some of the foods you’re making at home, it might be because your seasoning is being cut with flour. Check your seasonings like garlic powder and cayenne to see if they’re 100% gluten free. We recommend Simply Organic for all your seasoning needs since they’re gluten free.

We love to put barbecue sauce on our burgers and chicken, so we recommend checking out Stubb’s for your gluten free barbecue sauce needs. If you like a little kick, we recommend Sweet Heat!

Pasta can still be in your diet! Check out the gluten free pasta Barilla makes. Diane is a big fan of Mr. TEPSBEST’s gluten free mac and cheese, and he loves to make it too!

SAFETY TIP: make sure to ALWAYS check what you are buying to ensure they are 100% gluten free. I scan everything right on my phone with the Gluten Free Scanner and it instantly tells me if something is gluten free or not.


Marisa Wagner is the registered dietitian at the ShopRite here in Brodheadsville. Marisa gave us some awesome gluten free snacks like Made Good Granola and Blue Diamond crackers made from nuts. Being gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t snack, it’s just choosing different kinds of snacks.


There are so many gluten free shopping options in and out of the gluten free aisle! We’d like to thank the whole Kinsley ShopRite team and Marisa, for talking nutrition with us! Thank you to Bob and Doris Kinsley for the support all these years!

Don’t forget to check out Kinsley ShopRite and tune into see where we head next on EAT IT!!!

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