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More about Land of Celiacs Intro: Amber McCartney tells her story of Celiacs disease. This video was produced by Jordan productions in Tampa Florida. My name is Amber Mccartney and I would like to welcome you to the Land of Celiacs.
Celiac disease has actually been around a long time, however we are just now over the past 5-10 years hearing and seeing more about the disease and related food allergies.
In fact studies show that 1 in 133 Americans have a gluten intolerance. That is a pretty high statistic…especially considering we have just begun to study and learn about it fairly recently. That is a lot of people suffering from a particular disorder, yet so little has been done to make people aware of the dangers of a lot of foods that are manufactured and sold in America.
I first learned of Celiac disease through a Very arduous, trial and error process. My daughter, Bria had been having debilitating pains in her abdomen and side for approximately 2 years. We had extensive tests run. Spent thousands of dollars and many hours of Dr. visits, frequent late night trips to the ER.. It was not uncommon for her to throw up 2-3 times a day, often even seeing blood. She was absolutely miserable and so was MOMMA! She would literally lye in the floor crying out in pain. So i set myself on a mission to find out what was wrong with my baby! I got no answers from the medical field only large bills and lots of pills that never worked. Never once was a food allergy even considered by any of her physicians. Through some research and the advice of a close friend we had her tested for various allergies. The test concluded that Bria was in fact Celiac and her food allergies are wheat, gluten(a protein in wheat), tree nuts and lactoalbumin( a protein in milk fat)…and 6 months later corn was added to the list of “CAN’T HAVE:(((” I remember that day we left the Dr’s office…she cried all the way home in frustration and deprivation, just thinking about all of the limitations and complications concerning what she could and couldn’t eat. So as you can imagine, as a parent who loves and cares for their child dearly.. it broke my heart:( So I set out on yet another mission… to make our home a place that she could grab anything out of the refrigerator or pantry and it be something she” CAN HAVE:)))” That every meal or family get together It would all be “CAN HAVE” Over the past 7 years, this mission has turned into quite the journey and has brought us all together here… in what we call “THE LAND OF CELIACS”…Because that is where we live…no, it is not a geographical location…and not all of our family members have Celiac…but what i hope to create is a central place, accessible by all who want to learn more about our bodies, how to care for them and the foods that are the “CAN HAVES” and how to prepare them in an efficient cost effective way, yet still being appetizing, and pleasing to the eye. because lets face it. ..if we don’t prepare foods that look good, smell good and taste good…no matter how healthy they are…our families are NOT going to eat them…and then they will fall into eating the ” CAN’T HAVES”. Therefore causing more sickness and more frustration. So we will be having a new episode of “THE LAND OF CELIACS” air here on you tube every Monday in an effort to help all of the citizens of The Land Of Celiacs live a happy, healthy and Joy filled life! Not one of frustration and deprivation! It is possible and not as difficult as it seems at first. And you will have the benefit of all of the things i have learned through a lot of trial and error and simply experience. …” there is no teacher like necessity” And i have been a citizen of The Land Of Celiacs for 7 years now. So again i welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay:))

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