Living Celiac. Class TVRA 4728

Living Celiac. Class TVRA 4728 video:

More about Living Celiac. Class TVRA 4728: Living Celiac is a video made to raise awareness of the struggles that people with celiac disease phase daily. For some it might be a choice to eat Gluten free, but for many, it is a life style and only way to live.
In America Celiac Disease affects more than three million people. Celiac is triggered by a protein called gluten, which can be found in wheat, rye and barley. Franco Vendome is one of the many Americans living with the disease. He is the owner and chef of Ninos 46, an Italian restaurant in midtown Manhattan, NY. After many years of neglecting the symptoms, Franco finds himself living with the consequences of ignoring and taking for granted his health. Now, after more than 10 years of being diagnosed with celiac, he sees the damage caused by the disease. From getting sick very often to diligently watching everything he eats and drinks on a daily basis, his life has gone through drastic changes. Not only is he affected, but his relationships are also affected by celiac. He tells us how difficult it was for his Italian family to understand that eating gluten free is not a choice, but more a life and death case for him. Family gatherings, holidays, work, social outings, celiac is in all aspects of Franco’s life and he explains what it is like for him and how he has managed to keep his sanity and stayed chef of an Italian restaurant, despite not being able to try many of the dishes he cooks for costumers.

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