Pawan Agarwal – CEO, FSSAI – Celiac Disease & Wheat Related Disorders

Pawan Agarwal – CEO, FSSAI – Celiac Disease & Wheat Related Disorders video:

More about Pawan Agarwal – CEO, FSSAI – Celiac Disease & Wheat Related Disorders: Mr. Pawan Agarwal, CEO of FSSAI – Addresses a gathering at ISWD2019 & gives his views on the Celiac Disease as well as Wheat Related Disorder.

Highlights of thoughts shared by Mr. Pawan Agarwal:
1. Food that we eat is central to Public Health Issues in India.
2. Death & Disease due to Food borne-illnesses is exceeding the cumulative death because of HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (WHO report).
3. Around 6 out of 10 public health risk are arriving out of our diets.
4. Healthy food & Safety of food are inter-related & are now part of public health discourse globally.
5. “Perception are far more important than reality?” – this creates confused CONSUMERS w.r.t. what to eat and what not to eat
* scare people by some media with vested interest
* marketing campaign by large food companies
6. Govt., Professionals, Medical Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionist – Need to buckup in terms of educating public at large on what to eat. However, every stakeholder understand that there cannot be one single diet for the whole countrymen.
7. Public need to be educated on healthy & safe foods. E.g. Eat Right India Campaign.
8. Issue on wheat related disorders (WRD) also require attention like other top issues like Obesity, CVDs etc.
9. Comprehensive 12-point action by Celiac Society of India is very comprehensive & marvelous work done by Dr.Ishi Khosla since 2006.
10. We should not be in a denial mode wrt WRD. We must accept the reality that there is something like WRD. (8th minute of the video Denial2Acceptance mode)
11. Expert opinions among medical practioners, dieticians and nutritionist is fairly divided on the WRD issue. Many believe its a disease of the West, its a disease which affects only the rich/super-rich, population at-large is not affected by it.
12. Lot’s of evidence has been shared at symposium of ISWD2019 which has indicated that WRD is a real PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE & it need to be addresesd properly.
13. Awareness Building: WRD should be recognized, there should be proper diagnosis, separate fact from fiction, prepare individuals/families-who are affected by WRD-to face those challenges, govt & regulatory bodies-need to build a food system that is suited for people suffering from WRD.
14. India has not done a lot in this space – WRD, except putting together labeling regulations on packaged foods. And recently, FSSAI has reviewed it & strengthened the food safety for people suffering from WRD.
15. Around 60-80 lacs Indian who suffer from Celiac Disease.
16. More robust policy is the need of the hour and FSSAI is doing it’s best to address issues based on #WRD
17. Representatives of Flour Miller’s Association of India looked at WRD issues in a very positive manner.
18. We all need to work together along with the collaborations with international community and address WRD in a very matured sustainable response in India where Wheat is not just a cereal crop, it’s our culture.

Highlights of Mr. Pawan Agarwal’s career:
Pawan Agarwal is currently CEO of India’s food regulator, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), wherein he is leading transformation of food safety and nutrition landscape of the country.
He has earlier served in the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Planning Commission (now NITI Aayog), Ministry of HRD and the UGC in Government of India, where he got opportunity to look after important desks related to Central Universities, IITs and IIMs.
During this period, he developed expertise in policy and practice of higher education.
He was recipient of the prestigious Fulbright New Century Scholarship at Harvard University and the Emory University in the United States in 2005/06.
He was visiting scholar and fellow at ICRIER, New Delhi and the Centre for the Study of Higher Education and the Australia India Institute in University of Melbourne.
He has published on a range of higher education issues.
His book ‘Indian Higher Education: Envisioning the Future’ published by Sage in 2009 is an authoritative and well-regarded book on India’s higher education system.

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