WHAT I EAT (plant based and gluten-free)

WHAT I EAT (plant based and gluten-free) video:

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Hi guys!!! Here’s an example of what I eat in a day when I’m not doing mukbangs – all plant based and gluten-free! I hope you liked it xoxo

Q: Why do I eat plant-based 6 days out of the week, and have one non-vegan meal on either Saturday or Sunday?
A: I was fully vegan for 7 months, but eventually found out I was genetically pre-disposed to celiac disease along with food intolerances such as legumes, yeast, sugar, and more! For several months I became obsessive with trying to cut all these things out of my diet and my food options became very limited. Because of my history with eating disorders, for one meal (on Saturday or Sunday) I reintroduce all the foods I was “not allowed” to have in order to maintain my mental health. I still strictly stay within my dietary restrictions 95% of the week. You may not agree, but this is what works best for me.

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¾ cup Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Oats
½ packet VEGA Vanilla Sport Protein
1 medium apple, chopped
1 cup unsweetened vanilla Blue Diamond almond milk
Add cinnamon and sugar-free maple syrup to taste
Calories: 500
Fat 10g, Protein 27g, Carbs 82g

½ cup chickpeas, mashed + add sliced white onion, olives, and pickles to taste (or whatever veggies you want)
2 tbs. Lantana Sriracha Carrot Hummus
1 tbs. Veganaise
1 tbs. Mustard
2 slices Olivia Gluten Free Bread
1 slice Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack Cheese
Sliced cucumbers (if you want!)
Salt + pepper + smoked paprika to taste
Calories: 460
Fat 24g, Protein 9g, Carbs 53g

4 Cabo Loco corn tortillas
2 tbs. Tofutti sour cream
1 tbs. Veganaise
Chipotle seasoning to season “sauce” (mayo/sour cream)
2 cutlets of Gardein Chikn’ Scallopini
Sliced avocado, shredded iceberg lettuce, pico de gallo + tapatio as “topping” for tacos
Calories: 745
Fat 38g, Protein 27g, Carbs 73g

2 cups sliced strawberries
¼ cup SoDelicious coco whip
1 tbs. cacao nibs
Calories: 230
Fat 10g, Protein 3g, Carbs 37g

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