Wheat Free Eating – What I Like About Not Eating Wheat

I guess I'm lucky that my allergy to wheat is quite mild. If I eat wheat, I soon get sleepy but I do not have any of the range of truly unpleasant symptoms that many people have to put up with. It's not easy to eat wheat-free in restaurants, as you never know what might be in a sauce. It can be a little delicious if friends invite you over to eat as well; I just tell the hostess that I am allergic to wheat but do not mind watching other people eat bread, cake, or cookies. It's easy at home, where I have control over my ingredients.

When I found out that wheat was a major cause of the sleepiness I experienced, I had two reactions. At first, I felt sorry for myself. I was "different." But I learned more about the range of wheat-caused problems, about celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and I realized I was not so different after all. Many people have this one of these conditions.

That self-pity gradually turned to appreciation. Hey, I felt so much better if I stayed off wheat! My afternoon did not always have to include a nap if I wanted to think clearly. Over time, it became natural to me to choose to skip wheat. When my husband has just made a warm, fresh loaf of whole wheat bread, I know I can have a small slice if I am willing to be a little sleepy. So I do not feel stripped; I have freedom of choice. I tend to choose the bread about one fourth of the time. He only bakes bread every couple of weeks, so this is not a big indulgence.

Now it has reached the point that I actually like the way I eat. Wheat-free means I rarely indulge in pasta, cakes, brownies, cookies, and things of that sort. so I am not eating as many preservatives, as much low-quality shortening and fats, as much food coloring, or as much sugar or high fructose corn syrup, as people who eat a so-called normal diet. I do not see anything normal about those things in the human diet. I am happy to avoid them.

What do I eat instead? I eat plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit, eggs, dairy in moderation, a little meat, and some nuts. Now and then I have some brown rice or oatmeal. At times, I eat spelt products but frankly after several years with minimal wheat, I just do not have much interest in grains. Feeling good is a great bonus with my healthier way of eating. If someone could wave a magic wand and take away my intolerance to wheat, I am not really sure I would want them to.

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