Cooking Quick – How Get Your Cooking Done Quickly

Cooking has become a luxury in today's hectic pace. However, with a little planning, organization and know-how you can cut a lot of time in the kitchen. These tips will help you finish cooking quickly so you can eat already.

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is essential, not just to cooking quickly, but also for ensuring that you eat healthy, nutritious meals. Having a plan also helps you save money because you're more likely to buy only what you will really use. Your meal plan will guide your food shopping, so you will always have what you need.

Stock Up

There is nothing worse than finding out you're out of an ingredient you need when you're already halfway through the recipe. Use your meal plan to shop with a list. Not only will you save money, but you will also save a lot of time shopping. Also stock your pantry with cooking staples that will allow you to quickly throw something delicious together in less time than it takes the pizza guy to deliver your pizza. These include canned tomato sauce, canned beans, and dried pasta. Consult quick cooking cookbooks about what you should always have in your pantry.

Organize Your Kitchen

Keep things near where you will use them. For instance, spices should be near the stove (but not where they'll get hot), measuring cups and spoons should be near the counter where you mix ingredients together. Having to hunt down ingredients and gadgets when you need them wastes your time and energy when you're cooking.

Have the Right Tools

You don't need a lot of cooking gadgets, but some tools do make food preparation fast and easy. An example is an electric chopper that can mince garlic and onions in mere seconds. The right tools also include convenience foods that cut cooking time without compromising taste and nutrition. Examples of these "convenience foods" are already shredded cheeses, minced garlic and onions, frozen doughs, and frozen fruits and vegetables (often more nutritious than the "fresh" ones).

Pick Your Recipes

Obviously, some recipes are more complicated and take longer to cook than others. Look for quick dinner recipes that have a short list of ingredients and use quick cooking methods, such as sauteeing and stir-frying. Baking can also be quick because once you stick the food in the oven, you can forget about it until it's done.

You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to reap the rewards of cooking. Home-cooked meals are more nutritious and often more delicious than store-bought meals. Do yourself and your family a favor. Master the art of cooking quick.

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