Cooking Sweet Potatoes – How to Cook Them the Right Way

Cooking sweet potatoes is no big deal if you know some basic cooking tips. First you should know about the nature of the sweet potatoes and the conditions at which it can be cooked to an optimum level. So first learn about these special kind of potatoes. They will not be so good if stored in a refrigerator so never store them under cooler temperature unless you cook them.

You should also know about the kind of tool to use to cut them. If you employ a carbon knife then you will end up with blackened sweet potatoes because of the carbon. So always use the stainless steel knife so that it does not affect the potatoes. Use mineralized water so that you will not lose the sweetness of the potatoes. Always keep in mind that using a clean and mineralized water make sure that you get to cook them to the right degree.

Before starting to cook make sure that you have cleaned the sweet potatoes well and dirt-free. Never try to cut them into pieces to cook faster because such a practice will dilute the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. So always try to cook them as a whole piece. Do not try to remove the skin of the sweet potatoes before cooking because once again the water will diminish its sweetness.

Cook them at a temperature around 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about thirty five to forty five minutes. Now after cooking at the specified temperature give it some time to cool down. Once it cools down to normal temperature you can peel down the skin and start enjoying it.

Mind that both dark and yellow colored sweet potatoes can be employed in any of the recipes interchangeably. The cooking of both these can be done as said earlier and you do not have to alter the cooking conditions. Do not overcook them for it will degrade.

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