Cooking – Tips For Cooking With Kids

Kids are taught young to tie their shoes, then as they become a little older their job is to take out the trash or wash dishes. One task that parents sometimes overlook but kids need to learn at an early age is cooking. While they do not need to be cooking fried pork chops or chopping onions they can have certain responsibilities that involve cooking. Cooking with kids can be a great summer project. Here are some tips for cooking with your kids:

Let them be your shopping assistant – have your child go with you when you go grocery shopping. Allow them to help choose the ingredients for use in preparing dinner. This will give them an idea of ​​what is needed to cook a meal. This would even be a good time to explain the financial aspects of grocery shopping.

Safety first – Be sure that if your child has long hair to tie it back before cooking. Also, do not allow them to wear jackets or other loose clothing that may get in the way. Teach them about the dangers of hot burners and sharp knives.

Be clean – This is a good time to teach your child about proper sanitation when cooking. Have them wash and completely dry their hands before handling any ingredients or kitchen utensils when preparing to cook.

Spills happen – Just like you spill things, kids will also spill things so be prepared. Have a damp kitchen towel on hand so that when the spill does happen you are prepared. Teach your child to clean as they help prepare the meal.

Be creative – When cooking with kids be creative. If the child's job is to pour the creamed corn into the bowl then spark their interest further by giving the dish a creative name. Instead of helping to prepare the corn, maybe you can be creative and have them prepare "Crazy Corn." It's still creamed corn but with a creative name.

Cooking with kids can be loads of fun for you and them. As you help them understand the ins-and-outs of cooking you are preparing them so that they may function on their own in the future. You are instilling in them a sense of responsibility and pride and they enjoy being Mommy's little helper.

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