Great Corn Chowder – A Pinch of Nutmeg Is the Key

The growing season for sweet corn is about at its end but the opportunity to use some of that late harvest corn is still available, and one of our favorite ways is to make corn chowder that has fabulous flavor and is a hearty dish.

Try this receipt for a winning result:

Prepare and strip half dozen ears of corn. The way we do it is just let the left over ears accumulate. If we have corn on the menu we normally prepare 6 – 8 ears and there always seems to be one or two that don’t get eaten. Rather than toss them away, strip off the kernels and freeze them in a small plastic bag. When we have four or five bags accumulated, its chowder time!

Prepare a Roux. In a large sauce pan melt a stick of butter and sauté one or two finely chopped carrots, two stalks of celery, one small onion and a clove of mined garlic. Cook over a medium high heat for 2- 3 minutes. Add ½ cup of flour and stir over medium heat until the roux is slightly brown.

Add the Base. Add four cups of chicken stock to the Rue and stir until you have a thicken blend of buttery greatness. Many chowder receipts call for a touch of sherry, so if you are so inclined this would be the time to add tablespoon or two. No need to let this simmer, time to take the next step.

Add the corn. 6 -8 ears of corn should produce 3- 4 cups of corn kernels. Of course if you are using frozen corn, make sure it’s thawed and ready. Want to make it a hearty meal, also add 2 cups of cooked potatoes, cut in small cubes. This makes for a real hearty vegetarian dish and does nothing but add to the thickness of the chowder. If you want to add some chicken or cooked shrimp, go ahead. This is where you should take the leap! Whatever you do, let the mixture cook for 5 -10 minutes over a medium heat so all the flavors get a chance to get together. Next Step.

Add 2 cups of milk or half and half to the mixture and salt and pepper to taste. You may want to add some more butter to mix but it’s really not necessary.

Before you serve, add a pinch of fresh organic nutmeg or ground mace to the dish. It really is the key to an outstanding bowl of great corn chowder and brings a flavor to the bowl that will make it great.


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