Steak Grilling Instructions

Grilling a juicy and flavorful steak is not hard to do so long as you follow a few key principles. If you plan to marinade your steak, then do this first. Marinade your steak for 24 hours in your refrigerator, then pat it dry with paper towels before you begin grilling.

You should also make sure that your grill is clean. If the grates are not clean, your steak will stick which results in tear when you turn it. You'll want to sear your steak well before grilling it, and any "tears" will prevent the sared layer from retaining all the steaks juices.

Once you have ensured that your grill is clean, spray the grates with cooking spray. Use soy or safflower cooking spray, not olive oil. You'll be searing over very high heat and olive oil, when burnt, can import a bitter flavor to your steaks.

Next, you should always sear your streak before you begin the actual grilling. Searing your steak creates a crisp and tasty layer of meat that helps hold in the steaks natural juices and flavors. The fat and natural juice is what gives steak most of it's robust and rich flavor.

To sear a steak, place it over some very hot coals and close the cover to your grill. Wait one minute, then open the grill, flip your steak, close the grill and sear the other side for another minute. When turning your steak, you should use tongs or a spatula, never a fork. A fork will poke holes in your steak, which let's the juices drip into your grill, which will result in a dry and bland steak.

Once you're steak is seared, you should then grill it slowly over indirect heat. Using a long metal spatula or fork, move the coals to both side of your grill leaving the center of your grill clear. Place an aluminum pan (a drip pan) in the center-cleared area and fill it 1/2 "with water. cooked to your desired taste.

The drip pan is needed to help keep your steaks hydrated. This helps them retain moisture so that they do not become dry and bland as you grill them.

If you find that your steak is cooking too fast, cool your coals more by spraying water on them or by removing some of the coals. If you find that your coals have gotten too cool, then add a few briquettes (6 or 7) on each side of the drip pan. As you're grilling your steaks, do not open the cover unless you absolutely have to. You want to keep the cover closed as much as possible so that most of the heat stays within your grill.

To add additional flavor to your grilled steak, add a few hardwood chips that have been soaked in water for an hour. The great smoky flavor from the wood chips will depart a fantastic flavor that will make your mouth water!

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