Coconut Water – Nature's Sports Drink

Who knew that coconut water had such amazingly beneficial properties? Well, it turns out that many people across Central and South America, Southeast Asia, India and the Caribbean have known for hundreds of year. This water, in fact, is very high in electrolytes, making it the only natural substance known to man that can be safely injected directly into our bloodstream. It is low in fat and calories, is sweet even without added sugar, has more potassium in one cup than one banana and is lower in acidity than sports drinks or juices. Here, it is known as nature's sports drink. Athletes drink it instead of sports drinks for a healthier and and more natural form of hydration.

Coconut water comes from the inside of very young, green coconuts. While the coconuts are young, they have very little meat inside, but lots of water. As the coconut matures, the meat gets thicker and the water gets absorbed into the meat, until eventually, there is no more water in the coconut. The water itself is clear to opaque and tastes a bit like almonds, though it does not taste much like coconut. Some people mistake coconut water for coconut milk, but they are not the same thing. The milk is made from shaking the meat and pressing the water out of the meat. The water occurs naturally in the young coconut and if you shake one, you can hear the water splashing around inside.

Coconut water has become increasingly popular in the United States and you can find it now in many health food stores. There are three main brands in the United States: Zico, ONE and Vita Coco. But it has become so popular, Coke and PepsiCo have both bought stakes in two big providers, including Zico (a New Jersey based company).

Source of Coconut Water – Nature's Sports Drink by Yoshi Nakamura – author of Coconut Water – Nature's Sports Drink article

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