Drinking and Driving – Combination for Disaster

Every year thousands of people are killed of severely injured do to the thoughtless act of driving while drunk. Most of the time the offender in the situation did not even realize how much the alcohol he or she had consumed was affecting them. The left the bar or party feeling quite confident that they were perfectly capable of driving. What they did not realize is that that is exactly the trick that alcohol plays on your brain. Exactly when you are reaching the level of feeling more confident, usually when you Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) has reached the .05 to .08 level, is also when your motor skills and ability to make good judgments has been affected.

States including Minnesota have taken the findings of scientists that have proven these theories as far back as the 1980's and are incorporating them into their laws. All 50 states, including Minnesota as of 2005, have incorporated a legal limit of a BAC of .08 to be considering legally DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence). In many states, including Minnesota, there are some instances such as for underage drinkers and bus drivers where there is a Zero Tolerance policy which means these drivers can face penalies if they are found driving with any alcohol in their blood whateversoever.

The penalies are very strong for drivers found guilty of DWI's or DUI's in Minnesota. Drivers face possible jail time, loss of driving privileges and large fines if found guilty of driving with a BAC of .08 or higher. The jail time, fines and amount of time driving privileges are lost can be greatly extended or even doubled if the BAC is twice the legal limit or if the person has been found guilty of this more than once in a ten year period.

Court appearances, jail time, fines and fees and other legal costs are very inconvenient and add to that not be able to drive for 90 days and maybe even forever and it becomes identical that drinking and driving can really make life more difficult. Comparing to losing one's life or being handicapped for life die to someone else's actions it is a small price to pay and is designed to be uncomfortably enough that a person will not want to repeat the indemnity.

There is nothing to be gained by drinking and driving. There is always another way to get home. Call a family member or friend for a ride; they would probably rather receive this call than the one to come pick you up from jail or the hospital and then be stuck driving you around for 90 days or longer while you are without a driver's license. Of course if you are dropped over for a DWI, your first phone call needs to be to your attorney so you can begin to work through the mess you have created. Drinking and driving may seem like a good idea to a drunk, but Minnesota will not tolerate the behavior and there will be a price to pay.

Source of Drinking and Driving – Combination for Disaster by Keith Burke – author of Drinking and Driving – Combination for Disaster article

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