Drinking Water Filtration Systems Eliminate Harmful Chemicals From Your Home’s Water

Drinking water filtration systems are quickly rising in popularity as purified water has become big business. Water filters are everywhere, and they come in all sizes, from filters for one gallon to those cleaning water for an entire house. Doing some research will help you choose a system that works best for your current needs and will serve you and your family for years to come.

The bottled water market is growing as people concerned about the safety of the water they drink trust water companies to provide them with the service of drinking water filtration and a filtered product that’s worth the price. However, it has been proven that tap water, particularly in cities, is full of contaminants that are not healthy to consume. But bottled drinking water is not the solution to the problem of contamination. The industry is not well-regulated, and most bottled water is no healthier than plain, unfiltered tap water.

Pitcher-style filters are some of the least expensive drinking water filtration systems, but although the up-front cost is low, costs of replacement filters can be quite high, and what started as a good deal can strain your budget.

Installing drinking water filters in your home will cost more up front, but it will save you money in the long run (no more bottled water to buy), and it can help you be sure that the water you drink is free of dangerous chemicals.

Drinking water filtration systems attached to the faucets in your home are the most efficient and effective way to filter the water you and your family consumes. You can install such filters on any faucets that provide drinking water in your home.

Remember that water in bathrooms and from the refrigerator is also consumed, so you should consider drinking water filtration in these locations as well. Shower water is swallowed too, though that’s not the way toxins from the shower most often enter your body. Through your skin’s direct absorption of water and through your breathing of water vapor, chemicals in the water can enter your body. Special water filters for showers are available to clear the water in which you bathe.

Rather than installing one filter on each shower head and faucet, some people decide to use a system for the whole house. If you are very concerned about the safety of the water you drink, you should stick with the individual faucet option since some of the contaminants in your water, specifically lead and vinyl chloride, can come directly from the pipes in your home after that water would have passed through a full-home filtration system. This type of drinking water filtration is called point of use, since the water is filtered directly where it is used.

Price and effectiveness of drinking water filtration systems vary. You can learn everything about a particular system’s ability to remove various toxins in its Performance Data Sheet. This document, available with the product or online, certifies the effectiveness of the filter in removing contaminants from your water. Companies supplying a product they are proud of should eagerly share with you evidence of the effectiveness of the filtration systems they sell.

If you want toxin-free, clean, healthy water for your home, you should definitely consider a drinking water filtration system…you will notice the difference immediately.

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