How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – Finding Support and Help

Are you a slave to alcohol addiction ? Or do you know someone who needs to learn how to stop drinking alcohol ?

Whichever is the case, it helps to know the different types of help that are available to the alcoholic. They come in different forms, from the informal to the government-supported, from the professional to the charitable. Every country differs in its culture and make-up, so this article strives to give the general ideas.

The Alcoholic

Before anything else, the alcoholic has to make the decision to change. This can be harder than you expect: An alcoholic may blame circumstances and other people for his predicament, and may deny the problem. Be aware that an alcoholic may also drink because of the extra attention he gets, either while drunk or afterwards when sober.

Until the person suffering from alcohol addiction admits to the problem and realizes that he needs help, there is definitely to be much change.

Friends and Family

Once the decision has been made, friends and family can support the decision by staying alcohol-free around the person, and refusing to "feel sorry" for, or pay any attention at all, to the drinker when she drinks. Plenty of praise and positive reinforcement should accompany teetotaler behavior; but do not overdo it for people who are shy of their own emotions.

Government Help

Some governments provide help for drinkers. Telephone or ask a GP for advice. If this is available in your area, take advantage of them.

The Medical Profession

Your doctor should know capable organizations that can help. Again, this differs greatly from country to country, but it's easy to ask. At the least, the doctor should be able to refer to a specialist counselor or therapist.

Complementary Therapy

People react differently to complementary therapies; for example, some people give up alcohol altogether with acupuncture, whereas others find it makes no difference. It is worth experimenting if you have the budget.

Certain complementary therapies work directly with the mind, such as hypnotherapy, and this is also worth a try. You can also research on the Internet.

Charitable Organizations

Some charities work with alcohol addiction. Some do not specialize, but provide a helpful ear. Look in the telephone book or ask around to learn of suitable ones.

Self-Help and Support Groups

Do not underestimate the importance of self-help. The drinker needs to realize that it is within his power to stop, and self-help allows him to take control of the process. Self-help can range from learning self-hypnosis to getting suitable books from the library, going to support groups and taking up a new hobby.

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