The Health Drink is More Varied Than You May Expect

There is health drink a plenty out there in the world and they are becoming more and more popular. With so many different brands out there it is becoming confusing to the average consumer as to what will benefit them and why it will benefit them. If you want a drink to replace a meal for example, you will be able to find all kinds of recipes devoted to that.

People drink so much soda and juice a day that it is causing teeth problems, diseases, and weight gain. Drinking health drinks instead may be a better way to prevent weight gain or cause weight loss, protect your teeth, and prevent other diseases. Drinking soda every day can cause kidney stones and in the long run it will destroy your kidneys. Not only that but not many people are getting enough calcium in their diet. Children are growing up to be unhealthy and fragile due to not getting all of the nutrients that they need to be stronger.

Health drinks are not new although many people would like to think that they are. The Ancient Chinese made them and believed that it would benefit them in regards to health, energy, and even happiness. In fact, teas were discovered in 2737 BC when a servant to an emperor accidentally dropped a discharged leaf into the water that he would insist on boiling when he drank it. It was still given to the emperor and he found it to be not only delicious but refreshing.

If you are active, drink alcohol, or other things that cause dehydration your best bet is to find a drink that provides electrolytes amongstst other minerals. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade have a lot of benefits and will help you when dehydrated. In fact, these can help with simple headaches too as dehydration is usually the problem.

There have been a lot of changes, especially with sports drinks that were meant to hydrate and energize since they have come about. A long time ago American ranchers would have what was called switchel. Switgel was a mixture of molasses, water, and vinegar. That is how that all started. Now the gross vinegar and molasses has been replaced with things such as sodium, potassium, and sugar.

To make sure that you are getting enough liquid ingested, it is best to find a taste that you like and that will promise that you take in more of the minerals that you need. It is best to keep it simple with the drinks. Use the ones that do not have extra additions to it without it's organic. Make sure that if all you want is hydration and electrolytes avoid the drinks with an excess amount of caffeine.

If you want to do meal replacement in regards to a nice drink it is best to simply make smoothies with all of the beneficial nutrients that you are looking for. This is the time where we can get all the nutrients we need in drinks, but please also keep in mind that you need to actually eat properly too.

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