Nutritional Benefits of the Paleolithic Diet Plan

The Paleolithic diet is known by different terms. Some use the term caveman diet, while others call it as Stone Age diet. Yet another group of people call it by the name hunter gatherer diet. No matter what name you use, Paleo diet means only one thing and that is a return to our older food habits. To be more precise, it is a diet plan that advises us to go back to the eating habits of our ancestors.

Today, we have processed food that comes with huge amounts of calories. This has been resolved in several health problems. Advocates of the Paleo diet say that a return to old food habits may save man from the deadly diseases caused due to unhealthy food consumption. According to them, early man did not have access to dairy products. They were also not aware of the presence of sugar and salt. So, a Paleo diet avoids the consumption of foods that have milk, sugar and salt content in them. Other food materials that are banned include beans, potatoes and some varieties of grains. This is because of the toxic content in them.

Food materials that are applicable according to the Paleo diet include lean meat, fish, fruits, eggs and nuts. Carrot and beetroot that are highly nutritious root plants are also encouraged in this type of diet. There are still more food variants that the Paleolithic diet plan allows people to consume. However, there are different theories to this diet plan. But all these theorists of this diet agree on one thing. They believe that since Paleolithic men were the earliest to have set foot on the earth, the things which they considered edible are the ones that are designed for humans. It is their diet that kept them healthy and any deviation from that plan would cause imbalance to their body make up.

The Paleo diet nutritional benefits are wide and varied. Advocates of this nutritional plan say that going back to the basic food habits will get rid of several degenerative diseases. Some of these diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure and arthritis can be avoided, if you go back to the food habits of our ancestors. They also opine that this will also significantly help you to lose weight and tone your body shape. This has been a scientifically proven fact. While examining the body structure of our ancestors, it was found that they lead a healthy life because of their food habits.

Studies were also conducted in human beings that today lead a primitive lifestyle. The results proved that people who follow the food habits of primitive people did not have much body trouble. Some of the major Paleo diet nutritional benefits are as follows.

These food materials are unprocessed and therefore do not contain any artificial ingredients that will damage the body. Because of the absence of salt, this kind of diet will make you feel less bloated. It provides a healthy diet because of the increased presence of fruits and vegetables. It also contains rich healthy fat and because of the specific nature of the diet, you will not grow hungry.

Source of Nutritional Benefits of the Paleolithic Diet Plan by Steven Tarka – author of Nutritional Benefits of the Paleolithic Diet Plan article

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