Paleo Diet Life: How to Eat Like a Caveman Part 1

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Eating like a caveman.

If you are new to the paleo diet, you may feel a bit intimidated by the notion of eating like a caveman. Whilst it may well sound challenging to do at earliest, it is actually quite convenient. In fact, just about all of what exactly you will almost certainly be eating involves meats, fruits, and vegetables. Still, presently there may be occasions when you will not be 100% assured considering a food choice. Whether you desire to consume like a caveman and enjoy the benefits of the paleo diet, go along with this paleo food list.

1) Eat a good quantity of meat, fish, poultry, and eggs.

As you may have suspected, all meats are viewed as to stay paleo. Whether you are ever uncertain about no question the meat you are in regards to eat is paleo, ask yourself: does this meat come from an creature that employed to moo, oink, grunt, etc? Whether the answer is yes, then it’s perhaps paleo.

2) Grass fed meat and poultry raised cage free.

Select meat from fauna that were grass fed and poultry that was raised cage free. Even opt meant for wild captured fish over farm raised fish.

Poultry: turkey, chicken, goose, ostrich, quail, eggs.
Meat:steak, veal, ground beef, buffalo meat, beef jerky, chuck steak, venison steak.
Pork: tenderloin, chops, bacon.
Lamb and goat: lamb rack and chops.
Fish: salmon, bass, halibut, mackerel, swordfish, tilapia, tuna, red snapper, sunfish, walleye.
Seafood: shrimp, lobster, crawfish, crayfish, crab, oysters.
Wild game: rabbit, elk, wild boar, rattlesnake.

3) Extremely processed meats.

Avoid meats that have been extremely processed and very increased in fat. This contains meats such as: Spam, hot dogs, other low-quality meats.

4) Eat your veggies.

Just about all vegetables are on the accepted paleo diet as they were basically attainable to hunters and gatherers. You might aim to buy vegetables that are organic when available.

5) Paleo Vegetable examples.

If you wish to consume like a caveman, appreciate plenty of vegetables.

Artichoke hearts.
Radish, turnips.
Brussels sprouts.
Celery, rhubarb.
Collard greens, mustard greens.
Broccoli, cauliflower.
Zucchini, squash, eggplant.
Parsley, parsnip.
Green onions.
Kale, Swiss chard.
Romaine lettuce, endive.

6) Take care with some of veggies.

Each time eating like a caveman, you do need to be careful with starchy tubers, more convenient known as potatoes and squashes. Though these vegetables are not bad meant for you, they are not as alright for you as non-starchy vegetables due to the amount of carbs and sugars they contain. Starchy vegetables that needs to be enjoyed in small amounts include:

Butternut squash, corn squash.
Yams, sweet potatoes.

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