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More about Paleo Food You Can Eat Slideshow: Meat,Vegetables,Fruit,Nuts and Seeds…. And in case you are wondering…The icecream is frozen fruit and nuts, the breads are made with almond flour, cream is made with coconut milk, chocolates are made with organic no sugar added cocoa, raw honey and organic cocoa butter…Join me on facebook at Whole Foodies for weight loss and eating healthy support. Our food is Organic when ever possible, Grass fed, pasture raised, non GMO, nothing processed. Gods Food! Ive lost 80lbs. on the Paleo lifestyle and I never count calories and Im never hungry!!! My LDL and HDL are perfect, my triglycerides way low and my CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is 0.76. My calcium is up and PH levels at optimum levels. The proof is in the Blood!!! If you are trying Paleo, go to your Dr. before, get your blood tests done. Within 6 wks. you are going to see change!

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