Names of Loyal Dog

Dogs are incredibly loyal to their master. Here are the dogs that stand out from the rest. We will examine the breed, origin, gender, variations, meaning, history, and names of the best loyal dogs.

The names of loyal dog are Bobbie, Gelert, Grayfriars Bobby, Hachiko, Heidi, and Old Shep in alphabetical order. As you can see, their masters cave unique and pretty dog ​​names.

Bobbie is a variation of Robert which means bright or fame. Originally, the name came from old German or English origin. The name is usually given to a female dog. And, the variations of Bobbie are Bobby, Bobbi, Bobie, Babbie, and Bobbe.

Bobbie is more commonly known as the Wonder Dog. In 1923, the family with the Bobbie took a road trip to Indiana. By accident, the family lost Bobbie. After a herculean search, the family could not find Bobbie. The family returned to Oregon where the family lived. Amazingly, Bobbie returned to the home in six months without any help. Bobbie traveled 2,800 miles across the desert and mountains.

The village of Beddgelert was named after the legendary dog ​​of the village. The name of the dog is Gelert. From the legends, Gelert is hunting hound of Prince Llywelyn. He loves to hunt. When the prince hunts, the prince always goes with Gelert. He really liked Gelert, because Gelert was fearless and brave. One hunting day, he noticed Gelert was nowhere to be seen. So, the prince called off the hunt. When the prince got home, Gelert blessed the prince. Gelert was covered in blood. The prince taught that Gelert killed his baby. By the sword, the prince killed Gelert. Later, the prince found out that Gelert killed the wolf to save his baby. The prince felt really hurt. He named the village after Gelert.

Greyfriars Bobby is the good dog name of Skye Terrier. Bobby lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. His master died in 1858. Every night, Bobby stayed at the grave of his master. In honor of Bobby, a statue was erected near the grave of his master.

Hachiko is symbolic for loyalty in Japan. The breed of Hachiko is Akita Inu. The name of the breed is named after Akita Prefecture, Japan. Hachiko is a Japanese dog name that means wise leaf. In 1924, Hachiko lived with Professor Ueno. He was a professor at University of Tokyo. Everyday, Professor Ueno lives Hachiko as the front door of his home. At night, Hachiko blessed Professor Ueno at the Shibuya Train Station. In 1925, the professor suffered a stroke at the University. And, the professor has never returned home. Luckily, another master adopted Hachiko. On many occasion, Hachiko managed to escape. Incredibly, Hachiko was able to find the old home. In time, Hachiko realized that Professor Ueno does not live at the old home anymore. Instead, Hachiko waited at Shibuya Train Station for the hope in greeting his former master. With the loyalty of Hachiko, she warms the heart of the commuters. They bring trips and food while Hachiko continues to wait.

Heidi is a cute dog name of a Jack Russell Terrier. She loyally lived with her master in Scotland. Heidi is a German dog name that means noble one. One day, her master with Heidi went to go hiking. Out of mystery, her master fell from a 500 feet cliff in 2001. Instantly, her master passed away. Instinctively, Heidi walked all the way down to protect her master for several days.

Old Shep or Shep is a Border Collie. Shep is dog name which is a short variation of Shepherd. In 1936, Shep saw his dead master in a casket. It is loaded in a train at Great Northern Road Train Station in Fort Benton, Montana. For six years, Shep comes back to the train station to greet the incoming train. After numerous daily visits, the train staffs realized that Shep was the dog of the dead master. The train staff who lived near the train station adopted Shep. Unfortunately, a train ran over Shep in 1942. Due to old age, Shep was not able to hear the train on another track.

Dogs are truly loyal friend. Their loyalty are immortalize in memories, books, statues, eology, media. For example, some loyal dogs are mention in a book entitled Ripleys Believe It Or Not.

Source of Names of Loyal Dog by Dennis Estrada – author of Names of Loyal Dog article

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