Recipe Ideas For Thick Alaskan Fish Fillets

The size of most of the fish species being harvested in the Alaskan fisheries is truly impressive, and few other marine habitats in the world can boast specimens of equal weight, length, and delicious taste and firm texture. Really, the natural properties of most species of fish native to the Alaskan waters are exceedingly favorable, in particular with the most prized species of the area, the several kinds of salmon as well as cod and halibut, just to name the most popular. All across the nation they are served to the delight of seafood lovers, who crave a nice big chunk of fish fillet for dinner. There are several ways to oven-roast thick fillets of wild Alaskan fish, and these ideas will be sure to leave your family or guests more than satisfied.

A nice thick fish fillet should be at least an inch, and preferably more than an inch and a half wide. The thicker the fillet, obviously the longer you will be able to cook it without overdoing the meat. Before you actually oven-roast thick fillets of fish it is a good idea to marinade them, though this is not a necessary step. Let your fillets sit in a good marinade for at least a few hours before cooking, and if a whole day or overnight period can be allowed all the better. Create a powerful and delicious marinade by mixing together a small splash of Worcestershire sauce, a little hot sauce, a half a cup of quality beer, salt, herbs, black pepper, garlic flakes, and a little chopped ginger. Once the meat has absorbed enough of this mixture and is noticeably a different color, the marinade has taken sufficient effect.

Bring your oven to approximately 340 degrees and place the fish fillets on a well greased oven tray with a few chopped onions, carrots, bell peppers, parsley and lemon slices, with a last touch of salt-keep the oil to a relative minimum. As you oven-roast thick fillets like this, check to make sure that they are not burning, which at this temperature should not happen till after about twenty minutes. Nonetheless, the fish will probably be done in between ten and fifteen minutes; remember, it is preferable to have slightly moist fish fillets than to have dry, chewy fish fillets.

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