Simple Steps for Rye Bread Machine Recipe

Bread machine recipes make it simple and easy to bake your favorite bread without having to check up on it frequently in the oven. Here is a delicious rye bread recipe bread machine recipes that is healthy as well as easy to prepare.

What you will need:

Rye bread flour – 4 cups
Water – 1 c cups
Olive oil – 80 ml (you can replace it with regular oil or even butter if you wish)
Salt – 2-2 t tablespoons
MSG – 1 tablespoon
Sugar – c cup
Caraway seeds for mixing and garnishing – c cup
Herbs (oregano, Thyme, dill, basil, rosemary) – 1 teaspoon
Grated fresh Garlic – 1 teaspoon
Dried black bean flakes – c cup
White or black pepper – 1 teaspoon
Active dry yeast – 3 tablespoons

Using the bread machine:

Carefully read the instructions for setting up the bread machine before starting. Clean the bread bucket and make sure there is nothing sticking to the kneading plate. Check the bread bucket capacity using water.

Check the settings buttons on the machine (type of loaf, crush, delay and timer settings). You do not have to grease the bread bucket because the fat in the bread stops the loaf from sticking to the sides. Before you start adding the ingredients, make sure that all of them are at room temperature or slightly warm.

Ingredients at room temperature make a good home for the yeast to grow. Start by adding water and oil in the bread bucket. Now add the rye bread flour, salt, MSG, sugar, c cup of caraway seeds, herbs and pepper to the liquids. Do not mix them-the bread machine will do it.

Add grated fresh garlic. Add the yeast in last and close the lid of the bread bucket. Select the desired settings on the machine (loaf, crust and time).

The bread machine will press the dough, let it rest and press it again and then bake it.

Add the rest of the caraway seeds after the dough is kneaded the second time.

The recommended settings for baking rye bread recipe bread machine are whole wheat and light crust, but you can change them to the type you like.

Rye bread is very healthy and nourishing. You can eat it as a side dish with graves or serve as sandwiches with your choice of filling. Stick to the measurements and do not add too much flour to the mix. Always use fresh active yeast for proper fermentation.

Source of Simple Steps for Rye Bread Machine Recipe by Anukriti B Parsai – author of Simple Steps for Rye Bread Machine Recipe article

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