Brazilian Food – A National Dish

Brazilian food can be very attractive and interesting. The cuisine of Brazil is characterized by a great variety of flavors and dishes, and due to the great size of this country, its cuisine can offer unbelievable differences when going from one region to other.

However, there are some dishes and drinks that can be found at most Brazilian places, and the feijoada is at the top of this list. Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil and can be found at every city or town of this country. This dish is characterized by being very intense and heavy, and therefore is traditionally served for lunch, and often followed by a nap.

This dish became popular during the times of Portuguese colonies. Since then, it gained such a weight in the traditions of Brazil that is considered the main national dish of the country.

The traditional Brazilian feijoada is a stew that contains a variety of ingredients, based on pork meat (tail and ears are often added to the traditional recipe), beef products, and black beans. This dish is usually served with rice and orange, and sometimes fried cassava as well.

Portuguese feijoada contains a few different ingredients than the Brazilian one. This feijoada often includes red beans or white beans, carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables. Besides this, this feijoada might be accompanied as a side dish by some of the beef products that are part of the Brazilian recipe.

Brazilian food and the traditional gastronomy of South America offer a huge variety of options and interesting recipes to try.

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