Screening The Market For Legitimate Hoodia Gordonii Supplements

Hoodia is a cactus-like plant that is endemic to the Kalahari Desert region, and was also previously abundant in rocky and sandy regions of Botswana, Namibia, Angola and other areas of South Africa. The plant looks like a cactus even though botanically it is not a cactus, but is often marked as one.

Historically, the plant assisted local residents during periods of famine, where people suddenly found themselves wandering in the desert without much food or water. The natives in this region took two to three slices of the plant daily, and were able to stave off starvation.

Hoodia Actually Has an Acrid Taste

Some might think that Hoodia tastes like cactus juice or something quite sweet. Actually, the plant itself tastes very pungent and bitter, and its taste may resemble that of a very dry bitter cucumber. That is the main reason why the supplement is sold in most North American and European markets in capsule form rather than as food in dried form.

According to industry observers, the liquid versions of the supplement do have added flavorings mixed to hide the pungent taste, but the experts do not advise shying away from liquid hoodia products, because some of these actually do work well too, and do not have the bitter, aftertaste acrid.

The supplement of potent and laboratory-tested appetite suppressing qualities were only discovered around thirty years ago, when certain plant species were subjected to a scientific project contracted by the South African government.

What Lab Researchers Found Out About The Plant

Among the major results of the scientific study on Hoodia included not a reduced interest in food or a loss of appetite, a further delay in hunger sets in again after eating, achieving a feeling of fullness more quickly, and attaining a healthy feeling of confidence. The supplement is however, not to be considered as a stimulant, but was not reported to have any medically-proven side effects, therefore it is considered to be safe for most people.

Screening The Market For Legitimate Products

Many individuals today are in search of accurate information and comparisons on weight loss products like Hoodia, and many have no doubt come across some contradicting and misguided information in stores, magazines and on the Internet.

While there are those that really do give helpful and reliable information on this wonder product, there are some that tend to exaggerate or distort the facts. When comparing different types of supplements, take note that if a product is much lower in price than others, it more then likely has been cut with green tea or caffeine. Always look just at the content of the hoodia, not all the ingredients combined, then match products.

When comparing liquid hoodia products, always look, and verify if the product has a 20: 1 ratio. This required ratio will surely give you the most for your money. While consumers will sometimes see a product having 10: 1 ratio and despite it sounds like it would be more potent, the truth is, it's not a product worth buying. – Hoodia Store

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