What Foods Promote Estrogen Production in Men and Why?

There are quite a few foods that promote estrogen production in men. Estrogen production in men can lead to manboobs which may have different consequences. A lot of men are not comfortable with the idea of manboobs. As such it is important for you to know the foods that can cause manboobs through their concentration of estrogen. Let’s take a look.


These are present in a lot of food items. Soy is one of them. There are quite a few fruits that contain huge sources of phytoestrogens. These include grape fruit and flax seed. Grape food that can boost estrogen production due to the high quantity of naringenin present in it (this is also present in various other citrus fruits).

Flaxseed can promote estrogen production in men because it contains phytoestrogens as soy does. But there are a lot of products that have low amounts of phytoestrogens even though they contain soy. Soy protein powder is an exception in this list.

The work of phytoestrogens is to bind together certain tissues. They can also compete with estrogens at times. But this does not hamper the estrogenic effect. Rather, this might increase the estrogenic effects. In women, for instance, this can lead to hot flashes during menopause. In men, it could lead to manboobs.

This competition with estrogen however can also reduce estrogenic effects when compared to “estradiol”. More of estrogen in men is also a sign that their testosterone production is decreasing as estrogen provides negative feedback to HPTA regarding the manufacture of testosterone.

Basically phytoestrogens are the estrogen sources we find in our diet through animal and plant sources. Phytoestrogens are divided into two main categories- Isoflavones and Lignans. There is a third category which is known as Coumestans.

Food rich in Phytoestrogens

Dairy products like butter, cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese and milk have natural estrogens. Legumes are also rich in estrogen. Except for soy, peas also help in promoting estrogen production in men. These are also rich in protein, fiber and Vitamin B. Beans are also another example of legumes that can promote estrogen production in men.

Then there is a whole group of seeds that aid in estrogen production like the seeds of sunflower, sesame and anise. They are very rich in estrogen. Several fruits like cherries, dates, plums, tomatoes and apples also contain high doses of estrogen.

There are quite a few vegetables that offer the same services as fruits except for the fact that they are not sweet like them. Vegetables high in estrogen include yams, potatoes, carrots, peppers, beets and celery. Rice, barley, wheat and oats are some grains that promote estrogen production in men. Eggs are also known to have high quantities of estrogen. Now I’m not saying to cut these foods out because a lot of these foods also have fat burning properties (and taste pretty good) like apples, but these are the foods that contain or promote estrogen so just don’t go crazy on any of them. So if you have a fetish for any of the previous just reign it in a little. Balance is always the key.


Source of What Foods Promote Estrogen Production in Men and Why? by Sebastian Jean-Batiste – author of What Foods Promote Estrogen Production in Men and Why? article

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