【How To Make: Kawaii Heart Sushi🍣💖】My Healthy Japanese Diet Recipe!【おもてなし料理】

【How To Make: Kawaii Heart Sushi🍣💖】My Healthy Japanese Diet Recipe!【おもてなし料理】 video:

More about 【How To Make: Kawaii Heart Sushi🍣💖】My Healthy Japanese Diet Recipe!【おもてなし料理】: Come into my kitchen where I’ll be showing you how to easily make cute AND healthy sushi cakes using ingredients you can buy in the states❣️
日本語バージョンは【5:35】から!This video is in both ENG & JP😊
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▶︎ Freshly packed sashimi of your choice (I chose salmon, tuna, fluke)
▶︎ Avocado, Cucumber Slices, Scallions, etc.
▶︎ White Rice & Brown Rice
▶︎Sushi Vinegar to your liking
▶︎ Cookie Cutter Set I Used:


▶︎ Eggs for Kinshi-Tamago (cooked egg flavored with salt, hondashi, & brown sugar)
▶︎ Carrots and Daikon Radish slices
▶︎ Salmon Roe (ikura)
▶︎ Japanese Basil (shiso)
▶︎ Sweet Shrimp (ama-ebi)
▶︎ Japanese Chili Pepper Spice (ichimi togarashi)
▶︎ Tarako Furikake Seasoning

In this video, I’ll be sharing how to make Japanese “oshizushi”, which means pressed sushi! But I wanted to switch things up and make something kawaii, sweet, and a bit unique for Valentine’s Day, especially for those who may not have a sweet tooth or would like a healthier (but still yummy!) option.😋 It’s mostly just cutting and layering, so literally anyone can make it at home! Let me know if you’d like to see more healthy cooking/diet videos or leave your request in the comments section! Thank you so much for watching.🎀✨

もうすぐバレンタインということで、今回はヘルシーで可愛い「ハート型押し寿司」の作り方をご紹介します! カットして重ねていくだけなのでとっても簡単です♪ 甘いものが苦手という方に作ってあげると喜ばれると思います。動画リクエストやご質問がありましたらコメント欄で教えてください✨

P.S. Thank you to those of you who came from my CBS Inside Edition reaction video. I greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughtful words.

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【How To Make: Kawaii Heart Sushi🍣💖】My Healthy Japanese Diet Recipe!【おもてなし料理】 source

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