A Different Diet Program – Eating More to Lose Weight

First and foremost, most of us are used to eating just three meals a day, some maybe two, others in stricter diet programs might just eat once a day! And in those one to three meals, there are instances where we eat in huge amounts because we are so hungry from the last time we ate. For example, if you ate breakfast at 7:00 am, then wait until 12:00 pm for lunch, then surely you must be very hungry and the initial reaction is for you to eat more to compensate for your big hunger. With this kind of eating habit, chances are you will always tend to overeat on all your major meal times.

Now lets take a closer look on what the problem is. After your last meal has been digested, you will then be feeling hungry in a short while. And if you are used to eating just three meals a day, you are making your body a fat-storing machine. Why? Well since it takes a while before you eat after your last meal, your body gets into conservation mode and starts piling up some fat in order to get by the following hours that you are not going to eat. So in essence, when you eat just three meals a day, you are teaching your body to store fat.

So what must you do? In order to lose weight, what we want to do here is to increase our metabolism. And in order to do that, we must constantly keep our system running by eating frequently. Now this does not mean we are going to have an eating spree all day, this just means that we need to eat 5 to 6 times a day and food portions are even spread for each meal. So besides just having breakfast, lunch and dinner, we will now be putting some snacks in between each major meal. And what happens is that we do not end up overeating on our major meal times since we are not that much hungry after taking some light snacks.

So what this basically does is it keeps our digestive system running all the time and we are now training our bodies to burn fat more efficiently. This is because your body knows that it will be having another set of meal in a few hours and therefore it will not be forced to store extra fat. We then turn our bodies into a fat-burning machine just by simply eating more! Even digestion uses up some energy and therefore your body will need to burn its stored fuel to perform duties like this.

Ideally you would want to eat every three to four hours to keep your body system busy all the time, which in turn gives you a faster metabolism. It is important that you do not skip breakfast as this is the most important meal since your body just went through a long time without food while you were sleep. Eating breakfast also jump starts your metabolism, so make sure you get them on time. Snacks between major meals should be light and just enough to satiate your hunger for the next major meal. A good example is to eat fruits like apples and bananas, maybe make a smoothie or peanut butter sandwich. Try making these changes to your eating habits and you will notice a noticeable difference in weight. But hey, do not forget exercise and other physical activities okay?

Source of A Different Diet Program – Eating More to Lose Weight by Wilhelm Laubach – author of A Different Diet Program – Eating More to Lose Weight article

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