Benefits of a High to Full Raw Vegan Diet Plus Motivation Tips!

A diet high in raw foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables has so many benefits, it's unbelievable! I'm going to list the benefits here without getting too into them. If you are interested in all the facts and science behind all this you can research it and you'll probably get motivated along the way. So some of the top benefits of a high to full raw vegan diet are:

An abundance of energy

Reaching an ideal weight and body fat composition

Eating as much as you want, never go hungry again

Slowing and even reversing aging

Clear and glowing skin

A dramatic mood lift / feeling happy for no reason

Mental clarity

Feeling awake and aware, not numb or zombie like

Healing many diseases and / or improving your health

Looking your best

Feeling more joy, peace, and happiness

Better in touch with your emotion and intuition

Many people report feeling more personally connected and connected to nature

Better able to handle stress due to increased adaptogen levels in the food

There are many more benefits, but I listed the main ones. Now here are some motivational tips to help you stay high or full raw vegan.

Tip # 1. Surround yourself with support. If you do not have any support friends and family, then go to your local raw vegan meetup. You can find or create them on You can also join a raw vegan site and find someone on there for support. Trust me, there are plenty of people you can connect with online who are also looking for a raw vegan buddy.

Tip # 2. Keep it in your consciousness. I like to read about nutrition as it motivates me and I learn a lot that way. You can also watch raw vegan documentaries and raw vegan gurus spill their heart out about how awesome a raw vegan diet is. This will keep you entertained, informed, and help keep healty eating on your thoughts so you can stay motivated.

Tip # 3. Pack and prepare for the day. Five minutes of planning saves hours at the gym plus your health. Pack fruit with you for the day and make sure to eat enough so you do not binge on pizza.

Tip # 4. Write down all the benefits of a raw vegan diet that you would like to acquire. Pick the top 2 that are the most important to you and really focus on imagining and feeling how your life would be different if you had this benefit. Feel the emotions, and imagine the improvement in your life. Next time you have a craving and can not go through the whole list (who has the time for that?), Focus on the top or top two benefits and remind yourself why you are doing this. Also most cravings are due to being too hungry, so eat more! All the self talk in the world will not help you if you are ravenous!

If you practice those tips daily, it is a matter of time before slips ups become less and less common. And do not forget, you do not have to be full raw vegan to get benefits. The more raw, the more benefits. To get more tips and an easy done for you plan to transition to high or full raw vegan go to

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