Diet With Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition that affects your thyroid gland. Basically it stops producing the hormones that it is supposed to; hormones that have vital functions in your body. The disease is treatable but requires some dieting to help the healing process. There is a specific diet with hypothyroidism that can help out with the condition and improve your health. The diet is more like a set of guidelines so here are some tips and tricks:

What You Shouldn't Eat

Although the diet with hypothyroidism is very permissive as long as you don't go to extremes, there are some food types you should avoid eating as much as possible.

Gluten is an absolute no. Gluten has a chemical composition which is nearly identical to your thyroidal tissue. This usually causes your body to trigger a damaging autoimmune attack against your gland which nearly always makes the illness worse.

What You Should Eat

There are a number of food types which you should include in your diet with hypothyroidism. These types of food have different beneficial roles that help speed up the recovery time.

Back Walnuts are a must in your diet. These contain a very high iodine concentration. Iodine is very helpful for your thyroid gland as it facilitates its activity and furthermore, stimulates it.

The reason black walnuts are so good is the iodine concentration. However there are also other food types which have a high Iodine concentration like: bananas, seafood and eggs.

Hormones need plenty of fats in order to move around your body effectively. However not all fats are good at this. Try adding healthy organic fats in your diet. Fish are an excellent source of healthy fat. Organic meat, eggs, milk and coconut oil also provide a high fat intake.

Besides fats, hormones need proteins in order to get transported in your body. If the fats were the road, the proteins are the vehicles that move hormones around. Eat high protein food like: eggs, meat, fish and nuts.

Besides what you should eat, is the matter of what you should drink? There are little things that can make the situation worse, but there is a way to improve it. The answer is an herb called Nettle. Having some Nettle tea each day should be a part of your diet. The tea has an amazing effect on your thyroid gland.

By following these guidelines listed above, you should be able to help the healing process.

Source of Diet With Hypothyroidism by Chris Jensen – author of Diet With Hypothyroidism article

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