Find Out the Real Reason Why Diets Don’t Work

Many people go through life chasing after one weight loss program to another only to put the weight right back on again and sometimes even more. We’ve all heard (or experienced) this, haven’t we? There was the Atkins Diet then the Southbeach Diet, and now the Fat Smash Diet. There are many causes to this constant yo-you dieting syndrome that I’m going to share with you in this article.

Many causes of yo- yo dieting is due to the following:

1. Your Busy Lifestyle. With the demanding schedule of today’s society, people have become master multi-taskers. With your schedule, who has time to measure food, take extensive exercise classes every day, or research diets hours on end?

2. Hormonal Imbalances – Many diets do not properly evaluate a person’s individual body chemistry. The wrong hormones could be affected by the diet itself; causing you to gain weight! Yikes!

3. Non-Personalized Diets – Some diets do not take into consideration your individual body type and make-up. Therefore, while a diet plan may cause one person to lose weight, the same diet plan may cause another person to gain weight.

4. Too Strict – Some diets are so drastic that they leave you feeling deprived and even hungrier than when you began the diet, leading to fast “Self Sabattoge” by overeating! Other harmful affects can be caused by using diets that don’t consider health and can actually be harmful to your health. Some negative affects of some popular diet plans are:

o Ketosis, which causes lean muscle loss, which slows down your metabolism.

o Headaches, dizziness, fatigue, low blood sugar, muscle wasting, nausea, body odor, and bad breath.

o Restricts eating adequate amounts of healthy protein & fat leads to muscle mass loss, which in turn slows down your metabolism resulting in fewer calories and fat being burnt.

o Far too high in carbohydrates, which spikes blood sugar levels and elevates the fat storing hormone insulin, which prevents you from burning fat efficiently.

o Low in essential fats, which help you stay healthy and help with the fat burning process.

o Far too low in quality protein, causing muscle breakdown, amino acid deficiencies, and slower metabolism (body burns less fat).

I hope the information above will encourage you to keep clear of diets and false beliefs of “Magic Weight Loss in One Little Pill” gimmicks.

If you really want to achieve lasting weight loss results that will keep you on track with your ideal goals, hire a coach. A coach will help you devise a personalized plan tailored specifically to fit your needs as well as help you to stay motivated in achieving your goals. When choosing a coach, you should be sure that the nutritional program you are on is one that is balanced and doesn’t deprive you of nutrient based, quality foods. Of course you’ll also want to make sure that the program is easy to follow and fits your busy lifestyle.

Diets don’t work, but there are solutions to getting the help you need to lose weight the healthy way. Hire a health and fitness coach.

Source of Find Out the Real Reason Why Diets Don’t Work by Christie Love – author of Find Out the Real Reason Why Diets Don’t Work article

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